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  1. ksj

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    An impromptu pic from last weekend. I am wrapping up the shin and foot guards. This is all out of 1/4" sealed foam. Works great as it will not melt when fiberglass resin is directly applied. Learned that trick about 2/3 of the way through.

    I'll forgo armor on the other shoulder and instead use some sort of sling to hold the combispear.

    Box on the waist is a sound board setup that plays many sounds via 7 momentary push buttons in sequential fashion. All adafruit parts. fx sound board 16 meg can hold a lot of wav/ogg files. I was advised that the sounds and costume will probably be a little on the scary side.

    For this years fan boy I will settle on a static plasma caster. Next year I will look at an animatronic one as the electronics and canon casting will take a substantial amount of work.

    I was thinking of adding a couple of faux skulls and write on one least favorite politician and the other your favorite politician as the humor may add to the costume or not, keeping out names will help fuel the on lookers imagination. If I am the joker I have to fit a joke in this costume some where...

    I have sourced a fixed collapsed combo spear off that came out of thailand and I need to paint it. I did this due to lack of sufficient time for the costume build and money as well.

  2. Isubomo

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    Looks good! :D Hope to see more!!!
  3. Jmen

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    Yes, please, more photos.
  4. ksj

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    Leg and foot pieces done. Just have to sand and seal and paint. I heat and pressure formed the pieces and the shape appears to be stable. i'll latch with velcro I suppose. IMG_0017.JPG
  5. ksj

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    OK, Just ordered my skin suit. I will note that I have a huge focus on:
    a) comfort
    b) functionality
    c) form
    d) ability to enter and exit suit with ease
    e) comfort and breathing ability (minimizes potential for heat stroke)

    Predator Bodysuit Costume (male or female patterns!)

    With the lycra material in that product and the crotch zipper, which I consider very important for those much needed bathroom breaks

    It took me many, many tries and hours to find a suit that might fit my needs, but, this is one I think will work for me. I will gladly report back with a quality report on the unit and how it fits with the costume.
  6. Huntress

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    One thing that goes with being a Predator isn't comfort. Its a bulky costume with a heavy head. The Lycra suit will be leaps and bounds more comfortable than a ful body latex suit but when your beside a full latex predator in your Lycra suit the difference in appearance will be very noticeable. I get the desire for comfort and functionality and that's your choice to make. For me it comes to having a character that is as close to screen accurate in appearance as being the most important focus.

    Anyways good luck on your build!
  7. ksj

    ksj Unblooded

    A agree with your sentiment. The other factor is that I am a little on the built side to start with. Next year I will be working on a decidedly more screen accurate costume.

    I am not happy with the gauntlets and chest piece, but I will have to work on that next year.
  8. ksj

    ksj Unblooded


    Doing final prep before painting. Next will be the colonial marine armor...


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