For Sale Sad day, i have to sell my custom build.

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by mikeincan, May 1, 2017.

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    It has a been a fun 7 years, but i no longer can hold onto this nor do i have time to work on it. Everything is up for sale.

    here is the suit build.
    Usurper Wolf & Custom Paint Up W/ W.i.p. Bodysuit,armour And Weapons

    - Body suit is from flex design costumes, with a zipper in the crotch area so you don't have to remove the suit to use the bathroom. 800$
    - Usurper Wolf painted with borg colours, in P2 style, comes with rare earth magnet already glued in, dreads and beads attached, and have a few extra dreads that are not attached and some of that quill making material that usurper was selling before the supply ran out. 600$
    - Hez Tracker Bio with Berserker jaw bone, has a rare earth magnet glued into place. 300$
    - Uratz Bone hunter body armour, (shin, thigh and shoulder) i have more than what i have in the suit build, i have extra shin armour that i was going to attach to existing shin armour that is in the build so it would be a full shin armour piece. shoulder and thigh armour has been painted. 600$
    - Latex Armour, Pack and Chest piece and belt piece not painted, codpiece painted. 300$
    - Uratz Bone Hunter Wrist Bomb Gauntlet with electronics by Elkman. 400$
    - Plasma Caster (have to take the whole thing, robotics, and electronics) 100$
    - IWATA Studio Series airbrush and compressor. 200$
    - Predator Skull necklace. 100$
    - Usurper, Wolf Neck ring Painted. 100$

    buyer pays shipping. Make an offer if something appeals to you.
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    Pm Sent
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    I'll take:

    - Uratz Wrist Bomb Gauntlet with electronics by Elkman. 400$
    - Sound Effects, with speaker and predator noises in a arduino board with wiring and buttons. 100$

    Let me know you Paypal details please Mike.
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