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  1. Draago
    so Im back after a hiatus, I have gotten some more ideas and now working on completing at least 2 Plasma Caster designs.
  2. Javon Brunson
    Javon Brunson monsterroom
    I am very insterested in purchasing a predator half mask with dreads. I am wondering how much you would charge. My email is thank you
  3. Vebo1
    This way I can either wrap the two piece plastic cast around the existing whip handle or cast a solid handle
  4. Vebo1
    . Then mold it using oomoo25 and WED clay to make the two piece mold .
  5. Vebo1
    I bought a real bull whip then sculpted around the handle using the chavant oil based clay
  6. HunterCollector
    HunterCollector ThePredator
    Hey man, good to chat to you
  7. Venandipredator
    Venandipredator Vebo1
    What material you use for the whip
  8. TaintedTribute
    Call me a student, for i am always learning
  9. LonePredFred
    Always on the look out for information from you guys and always a great help
  10. bruticus666
  11. bruticus666
    Grab a bio AND a shirt - I now have them available in a few flavors...and CHEAP!
  12. ThePredator
    ThePredator LunaticNic
    Hey There! :)
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    2. LunaticNic
      Dec 3, 2017
  13. Shogun
    No i have not seen the script for the predator lolllll but we are still waiting to see one of your creations my friend
  14. Venandipredator
    Venandipredator Shogun
    Have you seen the "script" "for the predator"
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  15. Venandipredator
    Venandipredator Shogun
    I see you in every publication I go
  16. Venandipredator
    Well now it's official,I'm starting my cosplay,but I won't be doing city hunter,I'll be doing my own design.
  17. Don
    Don monsterroom
    Bought quite a lot from you several years back. I wanted to know do you still carry the open foam filled Predator mask and the bio to fit. I also need a full set of dreads. Please let me know. My email address is Thanks
  18. Kryptaos
    All hail the Cosmic Penguin.
  19. Wyad76
    Wyad76 manormonster
    Hi there I know it was a while ago. I hope you don’t mind but I am going to use your Skeletor cosplay costume and adapt it a bit. I have a question though where did you get the gloves?
  20. Tallon
    Hunting for my friends :(
  21. snaakpac
    snaakpac Termokk
    Hello, does the sale apply to everything? I was wondering if you could give me a price on 65 dreads and one unpainted neck ring. Thank you for your time.
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  22. Boelens79
    Boelens79 Theburntheory
    I was hoping to attend the Alamo con but sadly won’t make it. However I am planning to attend the wizard con next month. Any chance of you attending? Would be fun to walk with another predator.
  23. MaPi
    MaPi AgeOfStrife
    Hi. Maybe do you want to sell some 1/4 predators?
  24. Prometheus360
    Prometheus360 Termokk
    Hello termokk!! How much do u offer for a set of dreads with rings?
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    2. Termokk
      Hello! For dreads and rings it would be $295 plus shipping. Thank you!
      Oct 16, 2017
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  25. DaddyDachande
    My predator costume will be complete by Halloween this year!! It's gonna be a blast. (Planning on collecting trophies at some parties)