Sideshow Stalker Predator Mask 07
Art Andrews

Sideshow Stalker Predator Mask 07

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The Stalker Predator is a psychotic Predator who's skills are unmatched, a serial killer who only hunts other Predators. Known to stalk and terrorize his prey before the kill, he gets his thrills turning the hunter into the hunted. The blades that adorn his helmet represent his weapon of choice. He has a specially designed blue laser targeting scope that emits no heat traces and is invisible to other Predators' heat vision, making his location harder to detect by other Predator.<br />
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About Steve Wang:<br />
Steve Wang is an award winning Special Makeup FX artist, creature designer, Producer and Director. He has worked with Makeup FX Legends Stan Winston, Rick Baker and Dick Smith. Over the span of his long career, he has designed and built creatures for such films as Predator, Monster Squad, Beetlejuice, Blade 3, Gremlins 2, Underworld 1 and 2 and Hellboy, just to name a few. His sense of design and his unique paint work has made him stand out as one of the true originals in the industry.
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