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    Nintendo Wii controlled Cannon??

    Following this one for sure
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    Foamies Paint

    Great info
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    AVP Backpack from scratch

    Friggin amazing!
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    Jungle Hunter Suit

    Did you make the backpack?
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    Im back!

    Im back!
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    I'm fairley new here, but man, I've already spent so many hours lookin through all this amazing stuff. I've just begun making my armor and am waiting til summer to do my suit. The people I've talked to so far on here have been awesome. Any Hunters in Ohio hit me up
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    First Project: Custom Plasma Cannon: Finally Finished...

    What's the diameter of those RC wheels you used?
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    2 Backpacks?

    Right on. Thanks for the info. I'm starting my armor and was looking into making both packs plus be able to open both
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    2 Backpacks?

    her we go
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    2 Backpacks?

     wondering about the secound pack. The long pack about the length of the back right down the spine. Im working on one of my own. Anyone seen the pic im talking about? i have the pic but it wont let me upload it
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    Plasmacaster As A Car Antenna

    That's a pretty sweet ride w/ accessories. If the caster only worked in those traffic jams...