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Dec 7, 2016
Jan 13, 2007
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Aug 18, 1976 (Age: 42)


Hunter, Male, 42, from Texas

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Dec 7, 2016
    1. Don
      I used to be on this site a lot back in 2012 thru 2014 but because of a Divorse and moving I am just getting back and want to build another site. I was reading a thread you might have a half mask and bio or maybe you might know where I can get one. I used to buy mine from Monsterroom but he has not responded to my request..I dont know if he still makes them or not. was hoping you could help me. Thaks Don
    2. predator89
      hi i was looking tho the market and the rules part and it show you make avp backpacks i was wonder how much to get a raw back pack
    3. AndersonRibeiro
      I wondering if you know where I could start to build my own Predator costume? Thank you very much!
    4. stormmiko
      I'm contacting you because I've seen your work and your from Texas. I'm from Houston and I think an expert like you can help me. I'm finally ready to put together a Wolf Predator suit. I have the bio helmet I bought a few years ago from a former member. I want to have a custom mask and skin made.
    5. Monster38
      Hey Scott,
      Call me Munster38 no know as Monster 38. We need to catch up.
    6. johnathonm
      Hey Scott happy birthday , man.
    7. andrewRF
      Happy belated birthday dude! Hope you had a good one!
    8. Night Hunter
      Night Hunter
      Just want to wish you a happy birthday:) Best wishes!!!
    9. AcE yautaja
      AcE yautaja
      y bovine can you look at my pst ad give me some advice on what i should do pls its called my overall pred costume progress well yull know its mine cuz it has AcE yautaja as the poster person thing so u should know kk thx
      AcE yautaja
      aka cameron
    10. Wolf Predator 1
      Wolf Predator 1
      Hey i've heard you make Pred Skins, i'm looking for a wolf Skin, for a low price idk if u can help me but i am in need of one lol. How much do u sell them for?
    11. Hanoverian
      your costume is one of the best I've seen on here!
      1. Rob69075 likes this.
    12. esdain
      happy birthday, hope it's a good one
    13. youngnpred
      good luck on the samarii preds! that is going to be incredible! have you thought about which one you want to do?
    14. BigGunns
      Hey have yu thought about asking Mr. Mander to sculpt Darkness? He does such a good job and he fast as hell too. I'm gonna be finish up Lady D. so it would be nice to have a companion at DC next year. We would own!
    15. BigGunns
      Hey I haven't heard anything back yet. But I'm back to Florida so it would be kind of hard for use to hang on Halloween now.
    16. BigGunns
      Hey Happy Birthday! Another Leo in the bunch. Mine was on the 11th.
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    Aug 18, 1976 (Age: 42)
    I have a background in the Haunted House game. 8 years worth. For the past 6 years have been doing costumes and Halloween parties for friends and a few commission jobs. Mostly low budget costumes for the friends, learned how to use a dollar to its max. The Predator has always been my favorite movie character. This forum is the best I have found. The knowledge and helpful members are a great resource. Cheers to you all.


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