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    eye flash

    I did this to my P1 Stunt Bio with leds the switch is beside the laser switch easy to do
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    Predalien Suit Build

    WOW I love this suit!!Excellent Build :)
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    First Time Suit Build

    Awesome Job Nem! Now get out there and HUNT  Cheers R
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    Kmikzeken's Wip (Pic Heavy)

    Looks Great! It was awesome chatting with you also;)
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    Kayla's Mini Build (Comikaze First Hunt/playdate Last Page)

    Caught this on FB Excellent Job Cutest little Hunter I've seen  :thumbsup:
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    Oldest Person On The Lair

    35... No wait did I mention I.m dyslexic :p  
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    Latex Coated Foam Facehugger

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    Dragon Con 2013

    Awesome pics can't wait to see you gals and guys in person :)
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    Pedro And Peyton Visit Eurogamer

    You two are so awesome Rex thanks for sharring HSssssssssss!
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    Welcome Gals and Guys Don't feed the animals lol
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    T.u.r.t.l.e Power (All 4 Ninja Turtle Costumes)

    Amazing work as always Bryan , just outstanding:)
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    New And Improved Alien Warrior Bust

    I'm speechless Beautiful work :)
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    Preddette Wip... Armor

    Looking awesome Huntress can't wait to see it in person ;)
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    Comment by 'Canalien' in media 'ALBINO PREDATOR'

    <p>I really love this Hunter Excellent Work cheers;)</p>
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    Update.. Countdown Timer, Added Comp Gauntlet, And Cannon Arm Wip

    Can't wait to see it in person :O Excellent work my friend:)