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    Baby's Due May 12th... It's a GIRL!

    Also Congrats Joe! If you still has Bobs e-mail address I would gladly appreciate it! I miss placed it. Regards, Celtic Hunter
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    Innovative Gaunlet Set Assembly

    Animated Bomb Gaunt with several red blinking sequences. Working universal blades using complex slide and track system in the works. [/img] [/img] [/img]
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    Mander AVP Under Mask Animatronic Rig

    This is the most advanced full sized Predator animatronic rig ever conceived. Fits perfectly under a Mander AVP mask. This rig contains four independent Futaba ball bearing servos (for smoother movement) powered by a compact wireless remote controller. The helmet is extremely lightweight...
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    Gauntlet Set Assembly

    Gaunlet complex Slide and Track System Link: [/img]
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    GREAT JOB!! Very well detailed.