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    Female Predator

    Awesome work...
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    She Pred V2

    Hi Hunters; I was not happy with my first assembly for this costume, and here is the second version: I reduced the biceps and forearms and thighs that were too broad. I added pieces of leather to make the thigh and parts for between it leg. It only remains to add the hands and weapons...
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    New Alien Suit For Prometheus Event...

    Vraiment magnifique ce costume :thumbsup: . Great work really awesome suit.
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    My Avp Elder Armor (+ Weapon)

    Hi hunters; Just a little update; here some picture of my armor on display finshed about 90%. thanks for looking;
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    My Avp Elder Armor (+ Weapon)

    For lenses I used a "helmet screen visor " bought on Ebay and mesh fron Don Jarr ;)
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    Marcel's Custom Elder Build Pic Heavy

    You have very beautiful pieces, once finished it will be amazing. Thanks, you do us see how you have cut and mounted the zipper on the torso, I have the same problem, that will help me a lot :thumbsup: .
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    My Avp Elder Armor (+ Weapon)

    Hi hunters; I had a sword NECA's " Gears of War 3 - Butcher Cleaver 36" Foam Replica ": I have changed the handle, and I have covered it with leather, to make it less large and more tribal. I've pasted magnets for holding it on the back of armor. Thanks for looking. :D
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    My Avp Elder Armor (+ Weapon)

    Hi hunters, A small update, I just finish the painting of the helmet, I also added the lenses. Tell me what do you think about it... Thanks for looking. :D
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    My Avp Elder Armor (+ Weapon)

    Good evening; Thank you for your compliments, I bought this Avp armor/backpack in 2010, made by Steve Arnold/Jackthelad ( / ebay uk). The rest of the parts are Mannowar ‘s Avp Armor: thighs, cod and butt flaps, sternum/spine plates, buckle and shins. The helmet is made...
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    My Avp Elder Armor (+ Weapon)

    Good evening Hunters; Happy new year to all I had some time during the Christmas holidays in order to advance the painting of my costume, here are some photos: Thanks all Hunters for precious...
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    Painting My "mannowar" Skin...

    Hi, Thanks Huntress and Hunters for all your comments :D I would like to go for an avp custom elder(like Bovine13's great suit); with a Avp armor ( from Mannowar and Steve Arnolds), Db p1 style mask, Bambooie's dreads and beads, Ruffkintoy's avp feet with duster, P2 hands from Mannowar...
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    Painting My "mannowar" Skin...

    Hi Bro; After built my skin on a "ducktape" dummy ,I began to paint it: Tanks for looking ... :D
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    Bob bagy's female costume.

    Hi Bro; I had just finished to re-paint hands; Tanks for looking;
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    My first attempt in mask paint , Bob Bagy p2 mask (Final update ) .

    I only used Permawet mixed with createx paint.,1:5.
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    Mr Black Bio Paint-up help