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    San Diego Comic Con Aliens

    I'm looking for someone with an alien suit that may be coming to San Diego for CC this year.  OR has a suit that "could" come to CC.  Please contact me on my email at. Elder-One (Dave)
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    San Diego Comic Con 2012

    it looks like attendance this year is going to be slim. Nikki, Lazrith (Chase) and I will be in costume Saturday. I've dusted off the Elder suit but with hotels availability at zero, we'll suit up at the trolley station and ride it over. My wife will be herding the crowd. No clue what time...
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    Monsterpalooza 2012

    Just wanted to pop in and say I attended this last year. This is and will stay on my list of annual shows to attend. I'm staying at the Marriott there at the event. I'm coming up Friday to Sunday if there's any plans for dinner either night. I'd love to get together with anyone attending...
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    New AVP Feet in progress

    Good morning all, I apologize for my absence from the boards lately, I have to many irons in the fire. Just to validate.... yes Lazrith is my son. Everything he says is accurate. I went ahead and molded the first foot to ensure the mold turned out. Because if it hadn't I was going to make...
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    New AVP Feet in progress

    New AVP feet in progress. A little touch up and this one is ready to mold. Hopefully, I can duplicate it with the other one.
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    How do you cut latex skins to fit you?

    Concur - - NOT the spray foam. I use a 4lb foam from either SilPak or Burman. I like the Burman foam, but like the container the Silpak comes in. You can't go wrong with either. As far as customizing the skin. If it's big ALL OVER.... foam it - then tailor specific areas. When foaming, do...
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    oil based MOLDING CLAY

    I've bought pretty much all my clay from BITY. I've also started buying other materials as well. The owner - Mitch - is a great guy to speak with and 90% of the time when you call, he answers. His video tutorials are great and he has a great selection of tutorial DVDs as well. If all else...
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    Happy birthday Elder-One

    Thanks everyone..... Sometimes I feel as old as I look..... wait that isn't right....... Sometimes I look as old as I feel??? Sometimes I just feel friggin old??
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    San Diego Comic-Con 2010

    Here's a little something you guys might like. Brian Steele of Predators was there today. We got a bit to talk to him. Great guy! Had some pretty cool things to share about the movie. I know there are a lot more pictures. I'm pretty sure everyone got a shot with him, but this is all...
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    San Diego Comic-Con 2010

    You may want to check the Comic Con official page. There were some tickets released last week. I would not recommend the scalper route as there are a number of pitfalls just waiting. Good luck - If you get in look us up. Elder-One
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    Bob Bagys Super Black Predator Sculpt

    I have a HUGE complaint about this.................. There's not one on display in my theatre yet !!!!!!!!! Kidding - once again you have shown us how tremendously talented you are Bob. Now - when can I order one??????? Elder-One
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    Suit for Jeeper

    Yes this suit will have dual blades. I'm trying to build this in the cheap since it's a gift. I'm using parts I have or have access too. Someday - I would like to actually sculpt some gauntlets but the Creature from the Black Lagoon will be my primary focus after ComicCon. E-O
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    Suit for Jeeper

    Yes - I'm going to use one of my Elder masks since I have the mold handy. I'm waiting for materials to show up so I can finish. E-O
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    Suit for Jeeper

    Bumping original "edited" post. E-O
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    Posting pic's?

    I use photobucket to store the pictures and just post the link, rather than upload the files to the lair site. E-O