I absolutely, freakin love the idea behind a Predator! Stealthy, minimally armed, invisible, if I was to design a perfect suit to wage war in, this would be it! This year I am building my third Predator suit which is gonna be the most versatile and user friendly suit yet! He will be known as the "Hogg Predator". I am about 6' feet tall, thinner build, 200 lbs and the suit gives me an additional 6 inches. The design of the suit itself is an amalgamation of Predator 1 and Predator 2 with my own twist to it. (the only true Predator movies if ya ask me!) AVPR wasn't too bad but screw AVP! That movie was totally wrong with the Predator lore! I sewed a spandex body suit from a wetsuit pattern for the "skin" and carved and glued foam for muscles and finally coated the spandex with 5 layers of liquid latex and an acrylic paint mix. It really came out better than I thought! The skin literally moves with your own skin and matches your body exactly so no wrinkles or bends! I will finish this suit off with a DBP1 mask, which is an unmasked version, a MeanGene modified boar helmet, which is the helmeted version, Bambooie dreadsand Biohunter dreads, Mannowar shoulder pauldrons, Master Anubis blades, a predator sound system, and a FastBurst laser system for the masked version.
Sep 13, 1974 (Age: 45)
Deep in the Asheville mountains



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