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  • Been MIA on my predator build because I''ve been working on fairy houses......... I'm so ashamed.
    Time for Zoe to emerge from the shadow of her baby predator sister and make a name for herself. Let the build begin!
    Got laidoff before the holidays and not even sure if Employeers will pay me te 2,300 something they owe.... Lovely times had for all.
    Create a kickass costume or fix the bathroom tile......... hmmmmmm. We all know which one I'm likely to choose.
    I'm going to use a super hero template to draw out my female predator costume. That doesn't make me a super predator.. does it? If so, take my head a spine now.........please.
    I went inside a gas station to pay for gas today and the guy infront of me offered me his spot. I declined and he said "ladies first" I laughed and replied "awww that's sweet... but I'm no lady". :p
    Two more weeks of commission and I can finally start my Female Hive Master. Insert happy Predator clicks here...
    Watched "How to dress a Predator" on Youtube last night while I worked on a commission. Kayla kept having me replay it and pointing out all the details I left out in HER armor... I've created a monster.
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