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    About to live in another country

    About to live in another country
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    PREDATOR/PREDATOR 2 Action Figures from NECA

    I really liked the video game p1 as well. Looking forward to this one
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    Happy Anniversary To The Hunters Lair

    The lair showed me a passion I never knew I had before, long live the lair!!
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    Black Lantern Predator Spoted!

    So I havemt really posted much other then commenting on peoples work, but I had to share this. I was reading the Sinestro futures end one shot, and at the end of the book they become black lanterns. To my suprise, I spot a black lantern predator on the bottom left of the page. Needless to...
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    Kmikzeken's Wip (Pic Heavy)

    You look phenominal! Great work man!
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    Female Predator W.i.p Machiko Progress Pics Page 2

    The trophy is just awesome! You never fail to dissapoint
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    Welcome to all the new blood. This place is a wealth of knowledge, so enjoy your time and use the search often.
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    Won My First Costume Contest!

    Congrats man!
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    Helpful Ideas On My Next Project

    Azrael batman won the poll. I will not be posting this build due to lack of support with none pred projects
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    Helpful Ideas On My Next Project

    I am going to be closing the pole Friday. I would still really love to have you guys give your thoughts. Feel free to vote on this thread too. Thanks again, and I appreciate anyones support
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    Big Red Predator Costume For A Friend

    Stuning work! Such a beautiful big red!