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    Yanchus Art

    awesome! they look fantastic!
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    Mydigitalvoid's Predator Build

    looking great so far  :)
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    My First Pred Suit By ...maniak...

    looks great so far man. The base shape of the muscles looks excellent. i love the feet and the gloves, especially the gloves; cheap to make and look awesome. looking forward to seeing more  :) - Tachiri
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    Leonardo Yautja's Custom Predator Wip

    hey , looking great so far. Really like the paint jobs  :). I love the spear, with the beads.
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    Female Predator Mask

    So here is a sketch I did :) I was thinking that females possibly would have smaller mandibles, and maybe to be attractive a slightly exotic crown ( tinted in light colours like green, pinks and blues ). I was thinking that a detailed and less plain crown would perhaps make them more attractive...
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    New Member -1St Predator Suit Buildup

    The detail on you'r pieces is exquisite! I absolutely love the dagger, it's gorgeous! You'r paint jobs are awesome. Great work! I look forward to seeing more   
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    Heavy Predator Wip

    looks good  :) , looking forward to seeing more
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    Handmade Avp

    I love them, they look awesome!
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    Evilpred´s P2 Sculpt Wip(Update First Pull!)

    Wow man! the colouring looks beautiful.  I love the mix of the different browns and coppers with the black. awesome paint job 
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    Dutch Comiccon 2015

    Well I'm a huge pred fan (naturally), so I would go as a predator but it's you'r choice. So what did you go as and how was it? I'm curious cause I was born in Holland but as little kid moved so have never been to a dutch con.  :)
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    Berserker Bio Paintup!

    Wow, looks really good! I love the darker look  :D
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    My Hero Predator 1 Costume Finaly 98% Fineshed

    Wow that were a lot of photo's!  o_O You must be awfully happy to see the result of your two, hard years of labour :D I am no expert but I think it looks awesome. The paint job is lovely and The whole costume looks very realistic. The detail on the mask and skin are great and the weather on...
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    Berserker Predator Build

    Was looking through some off the older stuff and found this. Absolutely awesome man. You have a very keen eye for details and seem to enjoy pushing yourself to you'r limits. This costume is Fantastic.  Love the vibrant red as well.  :)
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    Kayla's Mini Build (Comikaze First Hunt/playdate Last Page)

    She is just so adorable!! Such a cute little baby pred  :)
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    Backbone (Slow) Pred Build, Wip

    Wow man! I absolutely love you'r mask and bio! I thought the teeth design on the bio was wicked and the little swirly designs on the mandibles of the mask were gorgeous!  I love the mask, it looks fantastic. The paint job was brilliantly done and I must thank you for describing all you'r steps...