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  • Hello Sorin! Just letting you know that Im alive, I will send you a longer letter later, most likely after Christmas because I have some stuff to do. Hope you are feeling great! Happy Holidays!
    Thank you for your compliments! Made me happy :p
    Oh, yes the winter would make her freeze like hell up here. I wonder if the Predator would even manage to live in a cold area. Everytime they come to earth they seem to do it in hot days. Except AVP, but then again, they are not outside so much and for so long.
    I found a page where you can see an artist that painted predator on a hel
    Wooow that would look so cool. You could have your helmet airbrushed/painted as a predator helmet, and make some dreads for it too, painted, behind/on the back. Maybe you could go to an artist who paints alot. I know there is many airbrush-users-artists that you can send your item to, and they paint it for you. Might cost some, but it would look really great.
    hmm, well a bow would not be so bad! But having the arrows on her gauntlet/arm, maybe they would fall of... i think. But I will work on it! I have now scanned alot of pictures and will be posting them up on my profile soon. Are you planning to make a suit? Kotten
    Ooh, weapons, I have thought of her to have a dagger or sword. She was stranded on earth at the viking-era and kind of lost all her weapons and high-tech stuff, so she will most likely have a dagger and other things that was used of Vikings, maybe an old pistol too? Kotten
    Hi! Thank you, I have been working on the design a bit more, and now it looks a bit different from the pictures in my profile. But I am going to get the new pics up soon. I like that cowhorn! It looks really cool, is it copper around it? Mine is more black and holds 3deciliters. Very big! Kotten
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