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    Comment by 'KingJamie' in media 'THEN'

    Thanks for the compliment! I wish I had it to sell but I'm afraid the dozen or so originals I made were not only made a decade ago but also extremely hard to find.
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    Relevant considering ;)
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    Sorry guys I removed the video link because I'm still working out a few branding issues.
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    Jungle Hunter Suit

    We'll talk as I get closer. Preproduction won't even start until early next year. It might even be something custom ;)
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    Jungle Hunter Suit

    Hmmm... I may need one of those in the near future ;)
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    Celtic predator build (EXTREMELY PIC HEAVY!!!!)

    Dude I just viewed your thread from beginning to end and I'm blown away! I keep saying it to the younger generation, but it's not what you have it's what you can do with what you have! Your ability to work with limited resources, common materials, to create what you did is ******* worthy of an...
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    My First Build!

    Dude this is absolutely freaking ridiculous sick! This is what it's all about man. Using the resources available to you and a little imagination. ******* brilliant! I am in awe.
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    Wrist computer project

    Holy crap man this is some serious ****! I cannot, I repeat, I cannot believe the engineering and absolute perfection that has went into bringing these things to market! This is supposed to be a hobby right??? Dude, I am completely speechless! This is better than peanut butter and...
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    Just thought I would share a few experimental composite images I rendered. -Jamie
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    Predator dread ornaments for human hair....

    Hey those are pretty sick specially the tooth! My GF is interested in possibly a few so please post the sizes or at least have something in the frame for reference. And yes, definitely yes, post your Miami CC pix! Pretty please ;) -Jamie
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    I drew a thing?

    Very original I love it! So, kheira and her scotsman, what might be your character's clan?
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    Gen 2 Female Huntress

    lol whew, thank god! The sculpt looks awesome by the way. I just got a little distracted :rolleyes:
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    Gen 2 Female Huntress

    What happened to her nipples? I mean where did they go?? I mean are they coming back???