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    Kris Knave's Artwork...

    Predalien from AVP:R added  :)
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    Kris Knave's Artwork...

    Thank you for posting this and thank you for your support. I must say you too were a pleasure to deal with. :) I have 2 new predator items which I will post shortly, one of which I'm actually working on now so I need to get on with it and stop looking at the internet!! lol
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    Kris Knave's Artwork...

    Thanks for your kind words and thanks for asking about my progress, it's encouraging - I actually have 2 pred related items coming soon (I hope), both are proving mega time consuming though and I have to fit other work in too. Thank you very much. I'm just about to get back to you sir.
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    Kris Knave's Artwork...

    Thanks all, I'm very flattered by you kind comments.  I've got a couple of pred pieces on the boil so I hope to get the finished and uploaded asap. The weather in the UK has actually been really nice recently which always slows my progress on artwork so, basically, the sooner it rains the...
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    Predator Reboot

    I appreciate that what people like us want isn’t going to necessarily be commercially viable but I really REALLY hope they simply do a sequel/prequel and not an actual remake. The original has aged extremely well and still looks great. One of the things I love about Predator is the cast, I...
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    Bio Mask Sculpt (Symmetry)

    Oh wow it looks awesome in the last pic.I love the cheek detail. I can imagine that's going to be a killer to get symmetrical. I've never understood how sculptors get it to look perfect. That's the art I suppose.
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    New Wolf Bio Mask (From 3D To Resin)

    Jaw on the floor!! The wolf bio is one of my personal faves and this really does it justice. To read the whole process of how this has been created is just unreal to me.
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    New Wolf Bio Mask (From 3D To Resin)

    Wow that's awesome. This thread is blowing my mind!
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    New Member

    That's going to look amazing when finished.
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    New Member - Predator (p1) 3d Animated Project!

    Any updates on this? It was looking so amazing.
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    The Topknot Build. New photos of torso life cast build. 05/07/2015

    I'm reading this and I'm just getting more and more amazed at the amount of work being put in here. So SO awesome! it's going to look amazing.
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    The Teaser Trailer For Our Fan Film Predator : Dark Ages.

    Oh wow that was amazing!! can the Predator not die at the end please? Thanks.   :D
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    Kris Knave's Artwork...

    Thanks for the nice welcome gents. Yeah, I didn't really do Elder justice, I feel like I went easy on it really, didn't push as hard as I should've.  Anyhoo, after I posted the above, I put Predators on (for a bit of atmos) and started paintin' - so now we have colour Tracker...