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  • Hey Kyra ..thanks for the compliment on my old suit. That vest was actually screen worn in the film "Scorpion King" .sadly that whole suit is in another owners hands now
    Ok, but the hardest part with buying parts of the costume is it costs more, I am just buying as I get more money XD
    I thought I could help you with the Predator head, XD I made mine with Oil Based Clay, it helps alot! XD Btw when will you start on your Kyra Sculpt? XD
    I thought having the ALien idea was cool so I made Ea'kath my Diamond Predator have a pet Predalien, hope I didn't steal your idea to much XD
    I really like your style Kyra im trying to get better at my drawing maybe if you look in the gallery the one under how do you draw predators or something like that i posted two of my pics in a comment
    The Pet Xenomorph really makes a good detail for the picture, what are you going to use for a xenomorph? A friend dressed as a xenomorph? Like to see what you come up with! :)
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