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    Pred Vs Vader

    Well, the "Force", only works with beings born in their galaxy for certain. The Yusong vog were immune to the force and they were from another galaxy or universe I can't remember which. So... A. If a Yautja were born in their galaxy it is possible for them to use the force. B. If a Yautja was...
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    The Predator Costume Manual Guide (2017)

    I wonder if my ninja juicer will work lol. I use it for grinding my coffee beans turns them to a fine powder.
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    Smoothing Monster Clay

    So like wet sanding before rebuffing clear coat on a car?
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    Predator eyes - Type of Contact?

    Sclera contacts can be dangerous because it prevents the eye from breathing. They should be taken out every hour for about 30 min. And possibly moistened. Also getting contacts that are custom fitted to your eye will help to not irritate the eye. Best thing to do is go get a free eye exam and...
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    The Predator Costume Manual Guide (2017)

    Fyi. A paint trick I learned for latex that has prevented cracking and the need for a promoter. I painted my glove this way about 6 months ago for a trial run and the paint still looks brand new. 1/3 water 1/3 acrylic or latex paint and 1/3 casting latex. Its a little tricky getting the color...
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    The Predator Costume Manual Guide (2017)

    I can tell you... From starting my suit last year... This is no simple and easy task. I am a naturally good artist. I can usually pick up any trick and style as a quick study. I'm not the best nut I am good and dedicated. This is no easy feat. Making a suit has been a life long dream since I saw...
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    First Predator Suit

    If your r If you're ferring to like a morph suit... Then yes. You can use pillow and couch foam to rubber cement the sculpted muscles onto the suit. Just make sure you have the suit on a body. Not a real one. When your glueing everything thing on. You can airbrush casting latex on over the foam...
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    You'll never see me coming...

    You'll never see me coming...
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    Who would win? Wolf v scar,celtic and chopper

    Wolf is an elite.... Thats why he his the 911 dispatch. Against 3 unblooded pups... Please. They wouldnt last 2 minutes...
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    Predator fan film ideas.

    How long of a film are you planning on making? That is the real basis of your story. So how much time are you gunning for. That will give you a better scope of if your telling a story or part of a story.
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    Mask fitment (head, not Bio)

    The term ive only ever heard was foam filled... And yet have to see or read how this is done... Since i am 1 month in to my first pred build and have spent a whole month learning silicone and latex dont's. I too would like to learn the proper way