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    [WIP] Ahab Predator Cosplay Build (2018-2019)

    Corrected the light issue :) Now colors can be seen :) Building process :)
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    Albino #2

    Here is the update on this Hunter. All i have left is the feet an bio and he will be going to his new owner. Regards Chris
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    [WIP] Ahab Predator Cosplay Build (2018-2019)

    Thank you Yautjaleader, I'll be taking over this project from here on :)
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    Current sellers?

    pm sent
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    P2 feet

    PM sent
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    Is there anyone out there still making latex predator masks?

    Hi I can get a SM latex mask and also do the custom work that you want to match Ahab. Here is some of my work. InkFxTion Studios Send me a PM to my FB page and we can discuss the build. Regards -Chris BTW here is some photos of a mod i did to an elder mask.
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    Gort Bio Helmet

    You did an excellent job, great weathering effects, very close to the original lid. You have to love those purple tones on the mechanical parts of the bio. Kudos! -Chris
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    Another Albino mask but P2 this time :)

    Thank you Fayne. I'm in the process of having a studio withing the next couple of weeks, i will make photo session of the process if anyone is interested. :) Thanks -Chris PS: Check the post on the Albino#2 Suit in the next couple of days, i will updating it. :) Albino #2
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    Custom P2 Elder

    I really appreciate your kind words.