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    Fugitive predator bio helmet

    Agh12, I never called YOU a scammer, I said to do right on this. Is described by your client the way that item was sent, not properly packed for what he says. The photos show the cracked bio, dents and thin cast. The messages exchange that you are posting show your convo with a client, PRIOR...
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    Fugitive predator bio helmet

    I want to clarify, this did NOT happened to me. That happened to a fellow hunter that wanted a helmet from this prop maker. So if he wants to keep selling his stuff here or around, he better do right, because all of us that work building predators will keep exposing scammers.
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    Fugitive predator bio helmet

    Hope you do right on this buddy..
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    Need help finding SILICONE Predator mask!!

    The only one that ever made a silicone pull of a Predator was Usurper, but he was very clear that he made that pull only for himself and was not selling. I know the guy for many years and if he said that he meant it. Good luck bud, Here is the post of a few years back. Silicone P1 Suit...
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    REGAN - The Exorcist 1973

    Life Size Scale prop i just finished, I will be making a 1:1 bust as well for sale in the future if anyone is interested.
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    Is there anyone out there still making latex predator masks?

    More photos here: [WIP] Ahab Predator Cosplay Build (2018-2019)
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    To anyone with an MR Predator II spear

    Found this on Youtube:
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    [WIP] Ahab Predator Cosplay Build (2018-2019)

    Corrected the light issue :) Now colors can be seen :) Building process :)
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    Albino #2

    Here is the update on this Hunter. All i have left is the feet an bio and he will be going to his new owner. Regards Chris
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    [WIP] Ahab Predator Cosplay Build (2018-2019)

    Thank you Yautjaleader, I'll be taking over this project from here on :)
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    Current sellers?

    pm sent