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    What Bio Mask Fits The Deluxe Predator Mask ?

    The P1 stunt from PTgreek works well on my rubies deluxe. 
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    Foam Sheets And Glue

    I've used hot glue with no issues.
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    Usurper Closed Mouth Wolf

    Just wanted to share the paint up of my Usurper wolf mask.  Ta2pro did a FANTASTIC job! Thanks Usurper for a kick ass mask and Ta2pro for the awesome paint-up!  You guys rock! I HIGHLY recommend these folks...
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    Wolf Suit Colors

    Gentlemen, I'm going to take the plunge and paint my own skins.  However, I would like some advice on what colors to use for Wolf.  The Wolf skin looks a bit darker than the P1 and AVP preds.  What color would you use for the base, 2nd layer, 3rd layer, etc.  The dominanat color looks black...
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    Latexing Foam Armor To Mr.i Suit

    Great ideas. Let's not forget about sintra foam. It's cheap, plyable and paintable. It's also a lot more durable than foamies. I've made my AVP chest armor out of it and it's holding up fine. Just a thought....
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    Latex A Mr. Incredible Suit Indoors?

    Thank you gentlemen. ;)
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    Post Up Your Halloween Costume.

    The mrs. and I at a local bar/restaurant.
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    Latex A Mr. Incredible Suit Indoors?

    I'm exploring the possibility of latexing a Mr. Incredible suit. Since I live in a cold climate, to latex the suit now would be out of the question because of the cold temperatures. I'd have to wait until approximately April for the weather to warm up. Is it ok to latex the suit inside the...
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    Mask Glue

    I use Zap a Gap (type of super glue). I get it at Michaels Craft Stores.
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    Wearing The Greatest Suit Of All!

    I wear under armor or a black lycra dive skin.
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    Halloween 2012 Weekend Adventure

    Just wanted to share some pics from last weekend with the Halloween festivities. I went to a club on Friday and Saturday. My wife and I had a great time. It's good to know that people still love and recognize a predator!! Enjoy!
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    Modifying a Rubies Mask

    I purchased a P1 bio from PTGreek. Bio fits great on my modded Rubies.
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    Qcvader's Custom Pred Wip

    I used one inch for most of the mask. I used 3/4 for the front sides. I think they came out nice and full! Let me know if I can assist further. ;)
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    Sound System

    I purchased the personal soundtrack t-shirt. Soldered a 1/8 male cable from the output wire from the soundtrack "box". I'm using a 10 watt Aker voice amp. I have the 20 button board attached to my bomb gauntet. The wires run up my arm. The Aker voice amp is embedded in the back of my armor...
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    Wizard World Chicago 2012

    Yea, it's extremely hard to hear in my mask. Unless one purposefully grabs me to get my attention. Anyway, I'm glad i got to meet a fellow pred from the lair. :)