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    Just Started My First Suit. Excited.

    There's lots of info, look under the first post sticky in this thread. My advice would be use foam brushes to apply latex. If it seems too thick add a little water. The first coat is the bitch it takes a long time to dry. After that apply more coats till you're happy, I do 5 or 6. The nice...
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    My Albino Pred Wip

    Very nice!
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    Glue For Latex

    I guess it depends on what you're fixing but latex as the glue works well. If you're trying to fix pokey parts like quills use super glue.
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    Lunaticnic's Build WIP completed.

    Silicone is way more expensive.
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    Lunaticnic's Build WIP completed.

    Sorry for the confusion. I ment silicone on the clay then a negative plaster from the silicone which you would apply the latex to. I'll have to watch the video above as I've never done it, I've only read about it.
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    Lunaticnic's Build WIP completed.

    I think you're supposed to cast hard with soft. Like make a silicone cast from the clay then plaster from that. Never done anything like this myself so you may want to read around.
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    Lunaticnic's Build WIP completed.

    Looking nice and evil :)
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    New Predator W.i.p

    Very nice.
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    First Predator Build, Made A Darth Maul Predator

    Very cool mashup. Nice job.
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    Gorgeous Mask Of Mine <3

    Btw. What paint did use use. I really love the detail. It looks totally gross :)
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    Kmikzeken's Wip (Pic Heavy)

    Sweet. How did your finger buttons work. I used resistive sensor on my fingers going to the A/D. Although they were thin they broke. I also found the gloves/hands very quickly filled with sweat and started messing with the sensors readings. Due to the weather my suit got a lot of damage. I...
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    Gorgeous Mask Of Mine <3