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    Predator hunting video game?

    Wweyland thanks ;) I did not knew at the time i posted this but yeah it will be surely a cool game....
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    Jir'Xar (Yautja costume WIP)

    Greetings Yautja's....I am planning to buy the Torso and Legs at the end of this month from Wreav and Trellie..... I cross my finger to gather all the money for it ... and finally have more than just a Predator head to costume with at the conventions...hehehe :)
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    First kit done, second in the making

    AWESOME lady JuSha ... really love it
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    UPDATED: Pepakura Files

    SwedenScarecrow UPDATED: Pepakura Files you can thank me later ;)
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    WIP Dachande/Broken Tusk predator avp sculpture

    Remember Greystripe Yautja's must react very fast and always think about the wearer of the future costume, for example will he be able to manage his gauntlet wrist bomb.... while he hunts ;)
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    WIP Dachande/Broken Tusk predator avp sculpture

    Greystripe another idea that i had when i see your sculpt is, I would put the Alien Xeno head on the right shoulder for armor instead of the chest.... it makes it more fluent in the Yautja moves when he attacks or defend, but still it is cool idea to put it on the chest. I had this idea too 2...
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    WIP Dachande/Broken Tusk predator avp sculpture

    Fantastic work Greystripe :) I would love to make a figure too but i really need to buy materials like an armature and more monster clay. It is always good to have smaller figure models to create a better view of future costumes or props, like Stan Winston school would teach. (y)
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    3d printed shoulder cannon backpack

    How much would you sell one of those sir T0niH ?
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    The Hunters Lair Costume Thread

    kithunter please add me ....! :D ''SHOGUN''
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    Latex amount

    Dobdanyt hey hello there ! Here is what i found for you: My Full & Complete P1 Costume Tutorial - How To From Start To Finish i really hope this helps ....
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    Hello Again Preds

    howlingwind13 Hello there friend! Man poor you :( I know about bad sellers, as i did bought a 3D printer in the past for 400$ and received it in a thousands pieces :(. But do not worry Predatorium isnt like the past as we are evolving constantly and we are here to help you create or buy the best...
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    NZ Hunter enters the Lair

    AWESOME Dobdanyt I am sure you will get your trophy wall just like Weta Workshop has! ;) Now for the upholstery foam head i would suggest that or try Monster Clay ''Soft'' or Medium because hard is pretty much hard to work with for your experience at sculpting at the moment. Here is th e Jir'Xar...
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    NZ Hunter enters the Lair

    Dobdanyt Now it depends if you wish to recreate more of a exact replica of the original costumes or make a less exact form of costume. It also depends on your budget and your skills, but skills can be learned for free on watching a lot of Predator creation videos. That is what i do....I also...
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    NZ Hunter enters the Lair

    Dobdanyt sweet for the beard! If you always need help or directions, even techniques feel free to ask my new friend....we are here to help! Predator is very hard to make but also very versatile costume as it lets your imagination creates many items like Cannons and armors and technologies...
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    NZ Hunter enters the Lair

    Welcome sir ! ....New Zealand wow always wanted to go there ! Welcome Gandalf ermmmmmm Dobdanyt :D