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    Miniature Pvt Vasquez Costume

    What an awesome build, pure joy to behold  :)
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    P1 Stunt Bio Repaint (new Pics)

    Good to see the stunt bio's are still around. Excellent job you have done.  :thumbsup:
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    Wow.... big welcome to all the new hunters. Enjoy your stay in the greatest site dedicated to the deadliest creature hunter in the universe
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    Shadow Huntress Build

    Good work, all the effort paid off big time  :)
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    Heroes Of Cosplay, Fellow Hunter In Trailer!

    That is one word i will never utter let alone type...... so glad i haven't watched the show. To be honest not sure if it is even screening here? Anyway i can't stand reality crap.
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    Silicone P1 Suit Evolution. Pg41 Hands Video 19/07/13

    It's been ages since i last looked in on your build Lee, to be honest i haven't been on the Lair for a long have come a long, long way buddy. the first every silicone Predator suit is going to rock the world. You are paving the way for the rest of the Lair. Love the vids cool...
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    Happy Birthday Usurper!

    Hope you have a great hatching day, Lee, still one of the most influential and inspirational members here. Have a good one buddy :)
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    A Very Sad Day, Rip Brother

    I read this on FB last week, RIP fellow hunter, Our thoughts are with his family
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    Malignant Melanoma Cancer

    Glad to here that the cancer wasn't a positive,...let the meds help you heal buddy. We need you back in that studio but not at the expense of your health. Take it easy Clay The Lair ain't going anywhere,.. :)  and we are all thinking of ya
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    My Danny Glover / Matt Winston Encounters

    Better not be,...remember what Matt told you... ;)
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    My Danny Glover / Matt Winston Encounters

    Never has  a truer word been spoken,...
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    My Danny Glover / Matt Winston Encounters

    Epic as always Kit and so humble about it. More acheived in one post than most in an entire life time. So happy for you,....lucky Bugger ;)
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    Pay It Forward Part 3

    Congrads Rhonda,...mad Pred Girlie :)
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    Pay It Forward Part 3

    I think either you half the shipping or you pay the lot??, Jay knows the details i think?
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    Pay It Forward Part 3

    Hi Jay I would like to put my name in for the P1 also. Why, because i don't have one and it would give me the kick in the pants to get cracking on my build. All joking aside it is a lovely piece of work that you created from scratch and would be my first prop. Now for my contribution to the...