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    Swedish Predator Villa For Sale!

    Hey guys! Danish news find this villa extreme! For the price of 450000 Dollars. This is the ultimate predator hive!
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    Help Me Meet Pewdiepie

    PewDiePie posted a tweet about somthing in Denmark. Im a danish boy and he is my idol! The biggest rolemodel ive ever had! Im only 15 soon 16, but im going to travel 3000 km to meet a girl. I love playing games, and i have been recordning since a young age. My true idol. And if he does meet...
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    Dansk Predator? Henvend Dig Her!

    NO but i was like getting together for cons..:p
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    Dansk Predator? Henvend Dig Her!

    Et sted for alle os dansker!
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    Check This Out

    I have seen one in Thailand and also the pred-alien. They were extremely nice and were made by old scooter parts. :)
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    Predator Sounds For Phones !

    It's a shame that there are no sounds for Iphones.....:-(( But thanks for the note! :)
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    Apologize Thread. Post Here If You Want To Apologize To A Memeber.

    Post here if you want to apologize to a member and say SORRY for what you have done. I can start. I want to apologize to these members for being a sticky annoying member. I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON!: Usurper Wonko Snake And all other members who have had a bad experience with me! Sorry for the...
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    Starting A Predator Mask Sculpt

    That is a one of a kind! All luck to you, my friend  Cheers
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    Pred Feet In The Works....

    Read his comment over the pic's. It says  ''some more update pics.....getting closer to adding texture Pitoon'' :) Just to let you know.  And Pitoon, GREAT job! They look VERY great! (Y)
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    Foam Sculpting My First Bio - Beyond The Final Rung

    Love the '' inside '' detail!  Love your mask! :)
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    Comment by 'ytting123' in media 'pred helm 1'

    <p>Isn't this the original pred bio? :-)</p>
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    Pete Manders Making My Suit In Progress

    How much did this costumes cost you, all in all? Bit it looks awsome! :-D
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    Comment by 'ytting123' in media 'Predator Bios 1'

    <p>Very cool wall, you got there! :-) (Y)</p>
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    Comment by 'ytting123' in media 'image'

    <p>Who created that? :O</p>