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  1. cyberpred

    Alien/Predator Room

    All done for now. I am looking to get an Alien Space Suit C
  2. cyberpred

    Reaction To The Predator

  3. cyberpred

    Alien/Predator Room

    A few more things C
  4. cyberpred

    Alien/Predator Room

    Will check you out C
  5. cyberpred

    Alien/Predator Room

    What did you want to know exactly? Here is my Prop Room And Theater C
  6. cyberpred

    Alien/Predator Room

    My current progress C
  7. cyberpred

    Predator Wrist Computer/Self Destruct

    Yes. My Front Room C
  8. cyberpred

    Predator Wrist Computer/Self Destruct

    Hey bud how goes it, Check out my Queen C
  9. cyberpred

    Wrist computer project

    Yes. Primer. Color washes and sponging
  10. cyberpred

    Wrist computer project

  11. cyberpred

    Trophy Wall

    Giving my Blade Wall to a friend. Making the space a Predator Trophy Wall. I need detailed pics. Any help is appreciated. C
  12. cyberpred

    Wrist computer project

    Just bought one and I am sure it will be fine C
  13. cyberpred


  14. cyberpred

    My Stuff

    used to have alot more. here is a bit of my Wifes stuff C
  15. cyberpred

    My Stuff

    I was asked to post what I have. this is just a bit. the wife has more C
  16. cyberpred


    I am finding so much available out there like never before. that shows me right there how bad the economy is. C
  17. cyberpred


    So sad to see all the Pred Suits for sale. C
  18. cyberpred

    Pumpkinhead bust

    Outstanding. John would be proud
  19. cyberpred


    Update Cary
  20. cyberpred

    Definitive Predator Movie Helmet List

    I have a ton. Can be addicting. LOL C
  21. cyberpred

    Elder Bio Paintup!

    Outstanding. C
  22. cyberpred

    AVP uber cannon

    Carl's is so good it was made into a trophy!!!!!!! Beat that! C.
  23. cyberpred

    AVP Backpack from scratch

    Well done. C
  24. cyberpred

    Berserker Predator Build

    Nice Build. C.