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  1. NeoKazama

    Custom P2 Elder

    Here goes another custom suit for someone overseas. He didnt want me to post any pictures until he was done with an event. Now i got the green light to show it. Here is my version of the Elder.
  2. NeoKazama

    Another Albino mask but P2 this time :)

    I Just finished this P2 Albino, if you guys need any custom work on any mask or full suits, send me a PM herre or find me on FB. InkFxTion Studios Thanks Chris
  3. NeoKazama

    Albino #2

    Working on another full suit Albino but this time is a P2 style skins and armor. Here is the first shot of the WIP.
  4. NeoKazama

    For sale: WOLF PREDATOR LATEX MASK- NEW PRICE - LAST ONE!!!! $400 !!!!!

    FOR SALE: Another 2 Wolfs ready to ship. $400.00 - No dreads shipped in the US - International shipping available for an extra cost. Serious inquires only.
  5. NeoKazama

    Wolf Predator Mask

    Wolf mask i just finished painting over the weekend for a client. I will have 2 more of these Wolf painted for sale by the end of the month. If anyone is interested send me a PM. Thanks -Chris
  6. NeoKazama

    Custom Suits

    Two suits i painted a while back, client sent me this pictures, it looks like it was a fun day :) -Chris
  7. NeoKazama

    Darth Maul 1/1 Bust

    More pictures to come.. This will be for sale shortly.
  8. NeoKazama

    Custom Berserker Bio Helmet

    Hi guys!! Here is a custom Berserker bio i got commissioned to work on for an old suit I painted. The Albino. Once again client gave me freedom to customize this lid. Regards -Chris It started as a blank bio and an idea: Then, the textures : And then, the colors:
  9. NeoKazama

    Neca 1/4 Scale repaint and custom base.

    Hi guys and girls: This is a P2 Neca /14 scale figure that i repainted over the weekend and built a base for it. Hope you like it :) -Chris
  10. NeoKazama

    The Hunt (Diorama)

    Hi guys, here a teaser photo of a diorama i've working for the last month on my time off using the 1/4 scale Neca figures. Once i am done with the diorama will be put out for sale. Huge and heavy prop. More pics to come. Regards -Chris LIKE my page @ Security Check Required
  11. NeoKazama

    An American Werewolf in London 1/1 Bust

    Hi guys, here is my Kessler 1/1 Werewolf. This thing is a monster, huge resin prop, the sculpt is superb and it was a lot of fun painting it. Hope you like it -Chris
  12. NeoKazama

    Custom Hunter WIP

    Here is another custom hunter I'm working on, is not a full suit, just head, skins, shoulder armor and hands. Client is strict with what he wants, so I won't be adding anything else besides what i just mentioned.
  13. NeoKazama

    Shaman Albino's Lid

    Hi guys. a couple years ago I built and painted this predator for a customer. A helmet was the last piece to complete this hunter. Picture of the bio will be posted very soon. Bio will match the rust texture and colors. Here are a couple old pics from that suit... -Chris
  14. NeoKazama

    P2 Life Size Statue ( LOTS OF PICS)

    Hi guys, I got commissioned to paint a P2 that has some armor parts "missing", well not really.... The client has the real props, like helmet, gaunts, chest armor, cannon etc. (Before everyone gets to excited, I cannot share the pics of those items at request of the client. But for what I can...
  15. NeoKazama

    P2 Elder 1:1 scale Mask (Hot toys inspired)

    Hi guys!!! Here is a quick paintjob i did on a SM Elder mask, I personally don't like the original elder colors from the movie, So i used the Hot Toys figure as reference for my color palette on this mask. Hope you like it!!!
  16. NeoKazama

    Borg Lost Predator Head

    Hi guys, I haven't post in a while, I'll try to change that a bit. Here is a Borg mask i did a few weeks ago. Im trying to get all the Lost Hunters done, hopefully in the next few months.
  17. NeoKazama

    Some of the suits i built. - LOTS of pics

    Hi boys and girls!!! Haven't been around for a while. Just wanted to share a couple of the suits i painted in the last couple of years. If you guys are interested i can throw a video or two later on. Take care!! -Chris
  18. NeoKazama

    "Alien" space suit

    Hi guys, so I just finished working on my Halloween suit. Taking a break from the hunter until next year :) Thanks for watching. Photos: VIDEO:
  19. NeoKazama

    And another P2 head

    Just finished this resin headpiece, is on its way to the new owner. Hit me up if interested on commissions.
  20. NeoKazama

    Predator Movie Update
  21. NeoKazama


    Here is another P2 suit that im still working on.
  22. NeoKazama

    Predator 2 Resin head

    Here is a P2 head sculpted by Scott Marshall and painted by me. It still a work in progress. Thanks for looking :) -Chris
  23. NeoKazama

    Pumpkinhead bust

    Large bust, still a few more washes to go and also add the teeth, besides that is almost finished. Thanks for looking. -Chris
  24. NeoKazama

    City Hunter Armor

    Working on some P2 armor pieces for a client. Also a P2 bio and a custom boar that would look good as an alternative bio for his suit. Armor is airbrushed, dry brushed and I used different washes to get to what you see. Hope you guys like it. -Chris