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  1. Wweyland

    Top 10 Biggest Predators

    I assembled a list of the Top 10 Biggest Predators from the Predator lore. Do you agree with the list and are there any big boys I missed?
  2. Wweyland

    Predator Vision Modes

    I have compiled a list of different Predator vision modes from the movies, check it out: Predator Vision Modes
  3. Wweyland

    Top 10 Mech Suits

    I have compiled a list of the Top 10 Mech Suits from the Alien vs. Predator series: Top 10 Mech Suits Most of them are made to kill Aliens but would work great against Predators also!
  4. Wweyland

    Predator Timeline

    Thanks a lot, I will correct the mistake and add a bit more stuff based on your comments.
  5. Wweyland

    Predator Timeline

    I have compiled a simple Predator Timeline. Was unsure if to include the AvP movies, but did so anyway. Left out all the book and game stuff though. Let me know what you think and if there are any other movie-related dates that could be included.
  6. Wweyland

    The Predator

    Anyone see this yet?
  7. Wweyland

    Life on Yautja Prime:

    I have compiled a list of references to Yautja Prime, including the movies and comic books: Yautja Prime Home there is some new information in the new movie!
  8. Wweyland

    Predator Spaceships

    Glad that you are enjoying it!
  9. Wweyland

    Predator Spaceships

    Check out a compilation of Predator Spaceships from the movies, games and comic books: Predator Spaceships Some really different and ridiculous designs here.
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    Top 10 Predator Weapons

    I compiled a list from the Predator movies and games. Do you agree with the list? Top 10 Predator Weapons
  11. Wweyland

    best predator comics

    Predator: Bad Blood and Big Game are my favorites. Here is a more detailed list: Top 10 Predator Comics
  12. Wweyland

    Female Yautja

    I compiled a list of all known Female Yautja, check it out: Female Yautja But I haven't read the Rage War trilogy yet, there might be some there.
  13. Wweyland

    Predator Types

    There's a facehugger autopsy graph in the Weyland-Yutani report and probably in the upcoming David's Drawings Book: Titan Books - Alien Covenant: David’s Drawings - Dane Hallett, Matt Hatton
  14. Wweyland

    Predator Types

    Thanks! Check out my Facebook and Youtube channel as well. Alien vs. Predator Central Alien vs. Predator Central
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    Predator Types

    The Predators are hard to classify but here goes: Predator Types Would you say there are more types? And Lava Predator does not count!
  16. Wweyland

    Top 10 Badass Predators

    Wolf was the highlight of the movie. If you can call anything a highlight as everything was so dark and you couldn't see the action.
  17. Wweyland

    Top 10 Badass Predators

    I think a better definition is that "because it's a bad movie" :)
  18. Wweyland

    Top 10 Badass Predators

    I don't like that Wolf takes it's time to skin and hang up a sheriff's deputy when he is clearly on a cleanup mission and pressed for time (and doesn't want attention).
  19. Wweyland

    Top 10 Badass Predators

    You are right. Although AvP 2010 probably has the shortest campaigns of the AvP games and the Predator does not meet and kill a Queen in it (and the Marine does!).
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    Top 10 Badass Predators

    If the list had a 11th place, it would be the City Hunter and perhaps followed by Scar from AvP. What points weigh heavily? Well as you can see, the Predators who actually survived are ranked higher. Predators who slayed Queens, Predaliens, Praetorians, Engineers or actually other Predators...
  22. Wweyland

    Top 10 Badass Predators

    City hunter left a lot of his equipment behind, tried to nuke LA and died like a bitch. Greyback lived and had 300 years of hunting experience, including the encounter with the pirates and US marines. Agreed that Dachande is kind of useless but he did fight and kill a lot of xenos, including...
  23. Wweyland

    Top 10 Badass Predators

    Hi I created a list of the Top 10 Badass Predators ever from the movies, comics, and games: Top 10 Badass Predators Do you agree with the list?
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    Hi I am an Alien and Predator fan from Estonia. Been a fan for more than 18 years. I also created an AvP themed website, although it's a bit more Alien sided for now. That will change! Alien vs. Predator Central Cheers.