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  1. Alex Hayashi

    Ram Build (WIP)

    With the convention around the corner I figured I better start posting progress on my Ram build for all of you. First two things I wanna show off first is my bio and weapons, made from resin and 3D printed. Designed from scratch and printed by the talented 3D Delight. 3D printing service | High...
  2. Alex Hayashi

    Ram Painting.

    So I'm currently working on a Ram build from P2 and I've hit a wall in regards to painting the armor. The armor itself has a more weathered silver look to it rather than the City Hunters weathered copper look. I just can't wrap my head around painting it, any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  3. Alex Hayashi

    P2 feet

    So does anyone know where I can buy a pair of latex feet for a Ram build from Predator 2? I've looked around and could only find ones with the sandals where as Ram goes barefoot. I did see a post while back about repainting lizard feet but doesn't appear they are sold anymore. Any suggestions?
  4. Alex Hayashi

    Big Red Build (First hunt)

    So I finally got my account back! I figured as I'm currently working on my Ram build I'd show my Big Red costume. First starting off was the leg guards, rather daunting being my first time working with EVA foam but turned out pretty well, needed stuffing given my slender frame. Next up we have...
  5. Alex Hayashi

    Help with painting.

    So my Latex gear has arrived but I'm unsure about color wise. I plan on airbrushing everything akin to the Scarface Predator/P1 as well as match the morphsuit from Zentai-Zentai. Got a few Vallejo browns and beige. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. Alex Hayashi

    Mask collection.

    Past few months I've been collecting masks and the last one just arrived, so I thought I'd show you guys. I plan on building suits for each, currently doing Big Red and gonna do Scarface right after.
  7. Alex Hayashi

    Advice for a newbie.

    So I'm about to build my first suit soon and not an expert at all at making heads. I plan on making a head out of Pepakura but unsure about what to put on for sculpting like Latex, molding clay etc. I plan on doing the Big Red Predator which uses a lot of the basic P1 armor. Any suggestions?
  8. Alex Hayashi

    Predafett poll.

    Recently I have just purchased a Boba Fett, Predator cross mask and I was considering down the line making a costume to go with the mask blending both types of armor together. The thing is I can't decide on skin color between the regular beige skin, grey skin or green skin, what do you guys think?