3d printing

  1. Haereticus89

    Fugitive Predator Mask. Molding/painting

    Hello. The moment came when I decided to publish my work, maybe someone will be interested in it and he will want to order this or another mask from me. The manufacturing process began with a print on the 3D mask printer for my file. After printing, the post-processing took a long time. I...
  2. arkhipenko

    Predator costume with active head tracking by the plasma gun

    Just wanted to share with like-minded (or rather like-obsessed) people my latest creation: a Predator costume with active head movement tracking by the shoulder-mounted "plasma" gun. The costume also has 2 sound systems for separate beast and equipment sounds. Check it out! I can provide limited...
  3. yanchus

    3D Printing- Doing My Research

    Thinking about trying out some 3d Printing- probably on a P1 or P2 Bio. Looking for those who have worked with 3d Printing of Bios. Any help, info, tips, files, etc you can share, would be very helpful.