1. surrealkiller1

    Any hands around

    Anyone here know where I can get a set of P1 hands? The last piece I need then I will be complete and the hunt can begin!
  2. arkhipenko

    Predator costume with active head tracking by the plasma gun

    Just wanted to share with like-minded (or rather like-obsessed) people my latest creation: a Predator costume with active head movement tracking by the shoulder-mounted "plasma" gun. The costume also has 2 sound systems for separate beast and equipment sounds. Check it out! I can provide limited...
  3. enique

    when you love something so much , you making for free ,

    hello everyone i make this costumes for my friend and his son
  4. enique

    mi primer cosplay

    hi everyone i like predatorium
  5. John Mason

    Cosplayers Wanted at SDCC!

    Going to SDCC in Predator cosplay? Have a badge? The Predator Official Fan App wants to hear from you! Comment below and we'll be in touch.
  6. DaddyDachande

    Predator Feet

    Hey everybody! Anyone have tips/tricks on how to do predator feet? Has anyone done it without using latex? Alternative methods? Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.. You're my only hope
  7. Slick Predator

    Slick_Predator in action

    My predator without the latest upgrades. Enjoy :)
  8. Slick Predator

    Pics from Halloween 2015

    2015 Halloween contest at Inn of the Mountain God's casino NM.