1. R


    Hi there! So lucky to have found this community. There's so much awesome stuff in here! I'm producing a video project and we are currently looking for a great full body Predator costume and performer. The job is paid, and will be shooting in Los Angeles on 8/28. There are stunts involved...
  2. Fur predator

    My Predator inspired costume

    Hello i am new here but i wanted to show my predator inspired costume here, it took arround a year to put towether with the help of a prop maker and a friend suit maker along with my own work. Its Yautja the furry dragon And i know its "furry" and not many peopel like furries but htis...
  3. Gigahorse

    My attempt at a huntress

    Thanks to lurking in this forum I was able to create my huntress "little mama" :) thanks to everyone who shared their knowledge and WIP pictures because without this I would still be at step one! The raw latex half mask was purchased from SPGFX and the bodysuit was from Zentai-zentai with a...
  4. D

    Newcomer needs tips and general instructions for first build

    I am looking to get into predator costume making and I need a good start point
  5. DaddyDachande

    Predator Feet

    Hey everybody! Anyone have tips/tricks on how to do predator feet? Has anyone done it without using latex? Alternative methods? Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi.. You're my only hope
  6. A

    Scuba Wet Suit idea......

    Has any one used a scuba wet suit in 1 or 0.5mm thickness as a Pred-Suit? Can be over sprayed for skin effect and may give a rough scale like texture? May be the same thickness as a latex suit.
  7. wunderpicka

    My wolf progress :)

    My progress on my wolf costume ive been working on i cant wait to get a full suit and all the extras :D Mask made by chuck :D The bio beads, and dreads are made by Casey
  8. BoyoKendall

    Wanting to get started

    Hey guys, I joined the forum at the weekend there, I've been looking through all the suggested reading on the site and it's been great but I'm conscious that there are a lot of options when it comes to making a Predator suit. My personal goal is to have a P1 outfit without a mask and with...
  9. D

    Calling All Predators, near New Jersey, May 13-15 2016

    Calling all Predators - we need your help. Looking for participation by one or more of you to join us in during a May 13 (must) and preferably all weekend long at New Jersey Motorsports park, Millville NJ (13th -15th May 2016). We love your passion on costumes and themes - come join us...
  10. I

    Pint Sized Predator

    Hey, I'm new here. great site!! So for Halloween 2015, I built my 8 year old a full body predator suit. We plan on going to MonsterPalooza this year in Burbank to get a little more mileage out of it. :) I'm thinking of reworking the pincers as they are controlled by bladders. His hands...
  11. Goldmoon

    War God predator !!!

    Here are some of the armor pieces I made , some I used Avp armor templates and a couple I designed myself Here's what I have so far but I still have a long way to go before its done (btw this was painted by myself and the he's I got was off of eBay) (also this is my first costume so dont hate...
  12. Spyroro

    My Predator costume. (Still in progress (Only the mask for now) )

    Hey, So I'm making my predator costume. And the thing is, it's really hard, but I'm trying really, really hard. The material that I use right now is sculpting air dry clay on a styrofoam head, and later on gonna use liquid latex. (Yes, I use the hard way, because where I live everything is...
  13. Slick Predator

    Slick_Predator in action

    My predator without the latest upgrades. Enjoy :)
  14. Slick Predator

    Pics from Halloween 2015

    2015 Halloween contest at Inn of the Mountain God's casino NM.