1. GrayusWolffe

    Wolf Predator Help

    Hey there guys! predator noob here, I am in the process of researching a wolf predator build but have come up short in a few areas. I know that wreav does the armour and bodysuit, but im kinda stuck on who makes the wolf predators head as its a different cast due to a mandible missing and the...
  2. IsaiahGeez

    Predator Costume help

    If anyone is making a predator costume this is the place for you. If you run into any trouble comment on the post and me or someone else will try to help you. Happy Hunting!
  3. XilianX2010

    Dread Bead Molding Issue

    So this was my first try at molding a dread bead (and also my first time working with silicone). I just made one to experiment and see how it would go. I constructed a cardboard box, sealed shut with hot glue. I place a piece of clay in the bottom to keep the bead from sliding or moving. I...
  4. Darkraven

    Predator Mask Magnets

    Im having some trouble with the magnets im using to attach the bio helmet to the head mask ive been working my way up to a size that works but isnt stupidly strong my problem is that i can fit it to the head just fine but when i try to fit one to the bio it gets pulled off ive tried, duct tape...
  5. T

    Predator dreads help?

    Okay, I have been trying to make my own costume for a while now,I've got the resin bio mask and 2 paper models waiting for the resin so far (After a really frustrated trial with normal a4 paper (Good god I was so stupid) ) BUT! After watching tons and tons of videos on youtube of huntorials and...