1. Rashaadator

    Fugitive predator Mask

    Was excited to get this done for the premiere of the movie. Its latex and flex foam combo.
  2. Alex Hayashi

    Mask collection.

    Past few months I've been collecting masks and the last one just arrived, so I thought I'd show you guys. I plan on building suits for each, currently doing Big Red and gonna do Scarface right after.
  3. Alex Hayashi

    Advice for a newbie.

    So I'm about to build my first suit soon and not an expert at all at making heads. I plan on making a head out of Pepakura but unsure about what to put on for sculpting like Latex, molding clay etc. I plan on doing the Big Red Predator which uses a lot of the basic P1 armor. Any suggestions?
  4. Samuel

    My first predator mask sculpt

    Hey everyone just showing off a work in progress based on elder from AVP .these will be available as latex masks . Also feel free to check out my pages on Instagram and Facebook under Samhain Studios. Thanks for looking!
  5. yanchus

    3D Printing- Doing My Research

    Thinking about trying out some 3d Printing- probably on a P1 or P2 Bio. Looking for those who have worked with 3d Printing of Bios. Any help, info, tips, files, etc you can share, would be very helpful.
  6. yanchus

    Predator Paintball Mask

    Hello Hunters, I have been trying to sift through the threads, to try and find some paintball masks that have been converted. I play so the mask would have to be somewhat durable of course- who has attempted a build and played some games with it? Looking for ideas, input, advice, etc. Cheers.
  7. Darkraven

    Predator Mask Magnets

    Im having some trouble with the magnets im using to attach the bio helmet to the head mask ive been working my way up to a size that works but isnt stupidly strong my problem is that i can fit it to the head just fine but when i try to fit one to the bio it gets pulled off ive tried, duct tape...
  8. wunderpicka

    My wolf progress :)

    My progress on my wolf costume ive been working on i cant wait to get a full suit and all the extras :D Mask made by chuck :D The bio beads, and dreads are made by Casey
  9. Exodiac

    Help Needed

    Need help learning how to cast my own helmets/ masks, the whole pepekura thing is getting a little boring, and cant make the high quality looking masks either
  10. Exodiac

    Bio Mask WiP

    Have the Pepakura cardboard done, fiberglass will go on next to make it strong. Will be a challenging process, will also take a Dremel and grind out area to make it look battle worn.
  11. Spyroro

    My Predator costume. (Still in progress (Only the mask for now) )

    Hey, So I'm making my predator costume. And the thing is, it's really hard, but I'm trying really, really hard. The material that I use right now is sculpting air dry clay on a styrofoam head, and later on gonna use liquid latex. (Yes, I use the hard way, because where I live everything is...
  12. Slick Predator

    Pics from Halloween 2015

    2015 Halloween contest at Inn of the Mountain God's casino NM.
  13. Alucard

    First time sculpting

    So this is my first sculpt of my mask..and it's no were near completion XD..I've worked on it for around 8 hours and it still looks like I've only spent 1 or I need some tips from everyone at the hunters lair. Throw em at me guys XD