1. Alex Hayashi

    Advice for a newbie.

    So I'm about to build my first suit soon and not an expert at all at making heads. I plan on making a head out of Pepakura but unsure about what to put on for sculpting like Latex, molding clay etc. I plan on doing the Big Red Predator which uses a lot of the basic P1 armor. Any suggestions?
  2. yanchus

    Skyrim Pepakura Ebony Dagger- Need Help :)

    Hey guys, I am working on an Ebony Dagger from Skyrim, and I need some advice on how to strengthen the pepakura. I am putting a few coats of Mod Podge, followed by some coats of Gorilla Wood Glue. I don't need the thing to be combat ready, I just don't want it to feel so frail when holding it...
  3. CyberPaddy66

    Pepakura Files, free and for sale

    Hey Everyone, [ADMIN PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD IF THIS BREAKS ANY RULES!] I am a long time Predator fan and have been wanting to build a costume for so long now it's no longer a joke but money has always been my biggest...
  4. Exodiac

    Bio Mask WiP

    Have the Pepakura cardboard done, fiberglass will go on next to make it strong. Will be a challenging process, will also take a Dremel and grind out area to make it look battle worn.