predator 2

  1. Alex Hayashi

    Ram Build

    With the convention around the corner I figured I better start posting progress on my Ram build for all of you. First two things I wanna show off first is my bio and weapons, made from resin and 3D printed. Designed from scratch and printed by the talented 3D Delight. 3D printing service | High...
  2. L

    Ram Predator Mask

    Hi everyone, my name is Luciano and this is my first post in the forum. I am a Sculptor - Creature and Character Designer. I just want to share with you the last prop I made with the goal of receiving positive criticism. Thank you and hope you like it! :)
  3. Alex Hayashi

    Ram Painting.

    So I'm currently working on a Ram build from P2 and I've hit a wall in regards to painting the armor. The armor itself has a more weathered silver look to it rather than the City Hunters weathered copper look. I just can't wrap my head around painting it, any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  4. Alex Hayashi

    P2 feet

    So does anyone know where I can buy a pair of latex feet for a Ram build from Predator 2? I've looked around and could only find ones with the sandals where as Ram goes barefoot. I did see a post while back about repainting lizard feet but doesn't appear they are sold anymore. Any suggestions?

    Brother Boar Bio Helmet

    This is a Brother Boar bio helmet that i re textured and painted. Still one of my favourite bios from the films.
  6. Art Andrews

    Predator 2 - City Hunter (P2) Head 1.0

    This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists. Contents of zip-file: predator-2-city-hunter-head-closed-mouth-a.pdo predator-2-city-hunter-head-closed-mouth-b.pdo predator-2-city-hunter-head-open-mouth-a.pdo predator-2-city-hunter-head-open-mouth-b.pdo
  7. ODSTtucker

    Predator 2 and other movie plot holes

    I'm fairly new to the site but one thing about Predator 2 has been nagging me for the longest time. In the scene where Mike and the predator are hanging off the roof why is it never touched upon the fact that there is most definitely an alien hand in the alley bellow that no doubt someone will...
  8. carss66

    predator bust's wip

    wip predator's working on still.but which do you think would sell.all or none.
  9. PompousPompador

    Let's Start a discussion, what is your favorite predator? In any form media?

    So, I figure since nobody is really talking about much these days, let's resurrect an ancient discussion. What is your favorite predator? From any media? Books, movies, games, fan art? I'll start it off. My favorite Yautja is the original. Not because it was the first, though that has a part of...