1. Haereticus89

    Fugitive Predator Mask. Molding/painting

    Hello. The moment came when I decided to publish my work, maybe someone will be interested in it and he will want to order this or another mask from me. The manufacturing process began with a print on the 3D mask printer for my file. After printing, the post-processing took a long time. I...
  2. Wweyland

    Predator Trophy Wall Compilation

    I assembled a compilation of the Predator Trophy Rooms from the franchise. Did I miss any important ones?
  3. L

    Ram Predator Mask

    Hi everyone, my name is Luciano and this is my first post in the forum. I am a Sculptor - Creature and Character Designer. I just want to share with you the last prop I made with the goal of receiving positive criticism. Thank you and hope you like it! :)
  4. arkhipenko

    Predator costume with active head tracking by the plasma gun

    Just wanted to share with like-minded (or rather like-obsessed) people my latest creation: a Predator costume with active head movement tracking by the shoulder-mounted "plasma" gun. The costume also has 2 sound systems for separate beast and equipment sounds. Check it out! I can provide limited...
  5. Rashaadator

    Fugitive predator Mask

    Was excited to get this done for the premiere of the movie. Its latex and flex foam combo.
  6. M

    Predator figure repaint kits

    Hello I'm wondering if any of you have links for unpainted predator figures that I can purchase?
  7. R


    Hi there! So lucky to have found this community. There's so much awesome stuff in here! I'm producing a video project and we are currently looking for a great full body Predator costume and performer. The job is paid, and will be shooting in Los Angeles on 8/28. There are stunts involved...
  8. Wweyland

    Predator Spaceships

    Check out a compilation of Predator Spaceships from the movies, games and comic books: Predator Spaceships Some really different and ridiculous designs here.
  9. Wweyland

    Top 10 Predator Weapons

    I compiled a list from the Predator movies and games. Do you agree with the list? Top 10 Predator Weapons
  10. FrenchHunter

    My first Bio

    Hi guys, this is my first bio, i sculpted it 2 years ago but i would like to share some pics with you. You can follow me on Facebook : ReplicAlex Thanks :)
  11. Vebo1

    The Predator

  12. Carolco

    PREDATOR 1987 P1 Bio Helmet/Mask most accurate Molds

    Hi Someone can tell me wich version is the most screen accurate one for the P1 Bio & where to acquire one ? I know There have been several brilliant sculpts over the years but want to be updated today in 2018 I talk about a P1 bio base kit , Raw Unpainted Mold only... & wich cost i should...
  13. Wreav

    Interesting Post Thread (Reference/Guides/Suits/Movies/Builds)

    Hey guys, I created this thread for the sole purpose of compiling a list of important/interesting threads/picture albums on this forum. This could be very useful to future members who come to the forums and simply want to check out something cool. (This section I have created is for Albums...
  14. Wweyland

    Top 10 Badass Predators

    Hi I created a list of the Top 10 Badass Predators ever from the movies, comics, and games: Top 10 Badass Predators Do you agree with the list?
  15. Shredator

    Custom NECA bone grill predator figure

    Hey guys! Here are pics of my custom Bone grill predator. The bio mask was sculpted by Tadeo Solis( Yautja trophies) who did a phenomenal job on it. It was painted by me and the rest of the figure was also customized by me.
  16. Air Elmo66

    Blog For My Celtic Build

    Made a blog for my Celtic build. Took a while but its finally done. Could not be any prouder . Hope you guys watch and enjoy !!! Appreciate the help from my fellow hunters . (y)(y)(y)
  17. DaddyDachande

    Predator Figures

    Hey everybody! A few weeks ago I excitedly pre-ordered the Dachande (Broken Tusk) and Machiko Noguchi action figures by Neca. It's about time that they made these two iconic characters!! (Obviously you know who is my favorite predator). Anyway, this got me thinking: What is your favorite...
  18. yanchus

    Predator Paintball Mask

    Hello Hunters, I have been trying to sift through the threads, to try and find some paintball masks that have been converted. I play so the mask would have to be somewhat durable of course- who has attempted a build and played some games with it? Looking for ideas, input, advice, etc. Cheers.
  19. Shogun

    The Yaujta! Here is a little History about us .....

    Greetings Yautja's from all the universe! I have done research on the internet and found this thread....... witch IS REALLY helpfull : The Yautja,[1][2][3] known colloquially as the Predators or Hunters, are an extraterrestrial species characterized by their hunting of other dangerous species...
  20. Art Andrews

    Viper Predator Bio-Mask Helmet 1.0

  21. Art Andrews

    Aqua Predator Bio-Mask Helmet 1.0

  22. Art Andrews

    Monk Predator Bio-Mask Helmet 1.0

  23. Art Andrews

    Reaper Predator Bio-Mask Helmet 1.0