wolf predator

  1. Wreav

    Wolf Predator Sideshow Head (Snaps)

    Pictures from Li Li on Facebook. Thought these would be important to future painters/sculptors who needed reference photos for their builds.
  2. GrayusWolffe

    Wolf Predator Help

    Hey there guys! predator noob here, I am in the process of researching a wolf predator build but have come up short in a few areas. I know that wreav does the armour and bodysuit, but im kinda stuck on who makes the wolf predators head as its a different cast due to a mandible missing and the...
  3. Samuel

    Looking for dreads and wolf pred eyes

    Hey everyone do any of you know where I can get 32 dreads and a pair of wolf predator glass eyes. If anyone is selling any of the two here I’d love to know. Thanks !
  4. Samuel

    Wolf predator eyes

    Anyone know where I can get a set of glass wolf pred eyes . Thanks !
  5. Samuel

    Wolf predator latex mask

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for artists who’ve made wolf predator latex masks can’t seem to find any info so I thought I’d see if you guys could help. Thanks !
  6. Vebo1

    Wolf's Spine Whip

    I need help figuring out how many sides does the barbs on spine whip have . I was trying to use the "How to dress a predator video. Seems like 4 but not sure. HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!![
  7. Art Andrews

    Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem - Wolf Head 1.0

    This is a comprehensive zip file including numerous files from multiple artists. Contents of zip-file: avp-requiem-wolf-predator-head-closed-mouth-a.pdo avp-requiem-wolf-predator-head-closed-mouth-b.pdo avp-requiem-wolf-predator-head-open-mouth-a.pdo avp-requiem-wolf-predator-head-open-mouth-b.pdo
  8. carss66

    predator bust's wip

    wip predator's working on still.but which do you think would sell.all or none.
  9. wunderpicka

    My wolf progress :)

    My progress on my wolf costume ive been working on i cant wait to get a full suit and all the extras :D Mask made by chuck :D The bio beads, and dreads are made by Casey