1/4 scale Predator 2 maquette WIP

I finished this big guy today, just building a base for him but I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak. He's the same size as the sideshow P1 maquette. I painted this guy a bit of P1, elder and P2... something different.
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That looks cool. Does it crouch on its own without falling over, or do you have to prop it against something? I'd like to see more pics of the front from different angles is possible...


Nice job man! This is the first FX crouching pred I have ever seen built up aside from the box art piece. Looks great! Mind if I add your pics to the predstuff site?

Thanks :)
Faken, wait until it's fully finished. I still have to finish the base and add his sword to his hip..
Thanks for the comments guys, I really like how he turned out.
Man thats hot!!!! Love it!!! Huuuuuge piece to boot! Could you snap a pic of the helmet in profile? I always thought the bio looked "too small" in the front...maybe its just the angles of the pics.