10ft bio pred/ bio hunter


hi guy's

im new here so be kind lol

im a professional stiltwalker from the uk i work in club's/nightclubs/raves ect
i'm building a costume based loosly around the predetor idea
just need some of you excellent ideas that you all seen to have (the costumes ive seen are amazing)
i have bought a pred1 mask (pity it's a uk sized one and crap pea filled dreads)
have made and altered various armour/riot gear to use
the suit will have uv reactive tubing incorperated ito it and also electro liminesent lighting over it
so will look pretty mad under uv light

as im going to be standing on 3-4ft stilts any ideas what i could use/make to cover the stilts (the type i use are dura stilts )

cheers spike



Here's my 2 pence-worth on a sky-high Pred...

I'd almost stay away from stilts that are more than a foot or two tall.
Legs that are too long distort the proportions and overall look of the Predator.

Keep the height subtle(7 feet tall does just fine) and you'll end up with a more dramatic and realistic effect.

Good luck and keep us updated on the project!!

the highest you want to be is 7"5, that was as tall as the origonal predator, as for covering the stilts, mabe use shin armor