2 Narin Predators--Painted!


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This is the money shot right here:

You know what I REALLY like about this one? There is no separation from the mouth to the area between the eyes...
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That's ******* WICKED dude and congrats to whoever got that Hunt for Hunt done, that's a sweet piece!!


Joe, you are my idol in pred. painting, you have very delicate way of painting--->realism! Keep up the good work and paint the Narin Pred. 2!
So mangrasshopper you are the painter of the statues! Impressive!!
Especially the albino one looks great. :) I read about the edge which there is on building predators. And as expected I'll be on the edge with building... :) That's my style and my attitude.
Already bougth almost all the items which I need. Especially the skulls!!

Now only the prizewinner skull and a lot of time to go on building.

the ancient one :)


I got to say, you did an amazing job on these two kits. I blown away with these paint jobs. I need to practice a little more on my skin painting skills. This is where i'm a little rusty.