For Sale 3 Lids for sale and sideshow shuriken

Discussion in 'Marketplace (Closed)' started by sstb25, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. sstb25

    sstb25 Unblooded

    Hey guys got three helmets for sale. A gort, elder and temple guard. All painted the only thing they require is lenses trimmed and attached permanently. The only reason I’m selling is I just haven’t got the space to display them on top of the other 10 I already have
    If anyone’s interested let me know
    Price wise would be £100 each plus shipping
    Oh and I’ve got a sideshow shuriken also if anyone wants that? Probably around the £350 plus shipping if anyone on here wants it






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  2. PredLlama

    PredLlama Unblooded

    Are the bio masks still available?
  3. sstb25

    sstb25 Unblooded

    Hey mate yeah they are, but have since sold the shuriken
  4. PredLlama

    PredLlama Unblooded

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