3D printed Wolf costume WIP


20181119_152605.jpg 20181024_030136.jpg 20181112_170349.jpg 20181113_122248.jpg 20181115_120847.jpg
Hello predatorium! I am currently working on a (mostly) 3D printed Wolf costume. I've been looking up tutorials, chatting with other suit builders, and working on my own 3D printed head to make molds of for the mask. But I still need help, to make this the best (and preferably least expensive) Wolf costume I can make. I don't got thousands of dollars to spend on movie accurate props, so 3D printing and using my own two hands to make everything is my preferred method.
If anyone has access to 3D models or good reference for his
Plasma casters
cleaner pack
Wrist gauntlets
Or other props for the Wolf costume, that would be very helpful. So far I've got a good bio mask, a not so movie accurate but nice bone whip from thingiverse, his head which I am working on in Zbrush, the mines, and I'll be getting a very nice model of his spear. BTW, the mask in the photos will be re printed soon as one full part so there won't be any obvious seams.



I am in the same boat, looking for any Wolf references so I can print them to save some $ for the bodysuit/mask. I'm actually considering having the detail STLs commissioned (gaunts/cannons/armor). If I find anything along the way I'll share.