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    Welcome to The Hunters Lair! One way or another you have found your way here and we are glad to have you in our community. Im guessing you have looked
    around a bit, the urge to build a suit is tearing at your very being, and you cant wait to get going…right? So many questions, wonders, ideas,
    thoughts, fears, and directions are running through your head…right? The number one question in your mind is…


    I put this thread together to try and answer some of the most frequent and repetitious questions we see here. This is not a how to build it, sculpt
    it, cast it, or do anything thread. It is just an entry level information source for you new Hunters to enter the Lair. So, with that said away we go.

    Introductions in any situation are customary even on the Lair. This goes for ourselves as yourself. The staff here is as follows:
    Art Andrews: Root Administrator
    A Hunter's Moon: Moderator

    For yourself, your journey through this experience however long you choose, begins here:
    Introduction Thread
    Let us know who you are and a little about yourself. It is polite and we would like to know who we are dealing with.

    Next you will travel here:
    Board Rules
    You need to read, apply, and abide by the house rules. We would in your house and the members here expect you too.

    Next stop here:
    Board Etiquette
    Treat others how you would like to be treated. Be cool and all good things will come.

    Now, with the formalities out of the way and we know who this stranger is that just came through the doors, the party can get started!
    Basically your journey to a Predator suit has basic steps and processes just like any other project. Some of the members here have some sort of
    artistic history and some have never attempted anything like this in their life. Not to worry, the Lair has seen all kinds of members come and go and
    their are so many helpful and talented people here that there is nothing we cant help with or handle. Im confident in that!

    For the most part the mission parameters are this:
    Planning and Research
    Gather and/or Make the Parts for the Suit
    Suit Up!

    I will touch briefly on all these points and give links to examples to help you out. Like I said this isnt a detailed how to, its just to get you
    going and push you in the right direction.

    A game plan and basic idea of what you want to accomplish is second to none. What type of suit do you want. Movie accurate or a custom are the to
    basic defined suits. The thing to remember here is...there is no right or wrong way, no good or bad, or no this way or that way to do YOUR suit.

    To quote a fellow member..." You dont have to go for a "typical" pred at all. The whole lair is devoted to making new and interesting costumes and
    preds and backstories. People get into it. Make your pred what you want it to be. Every pred is different, and lets face it, thats the way it should
    be." *SpankyGNARKILL-
    We want to see any and all suits come to fruition and join the ranks in our Finished Suit Thread.

    Just FYI, the movies are as follows:
    PREDATOR (1987)
    PREDATOR 2 (1990)
    AVP: Aliens VS. Predator (2004)
    AVPR: Aliens VS. Predator, Reqium (2007)
    Predators (2010)
    There are a number of still shots in the Reference Material section of this site.

    Fan Films: Both done by members here!
    Batman Dead End (2003)
    S.E.E.D. (2006?)
    A movie accurate suit can come from any one of these films. A custom suit can come from anything from comics, games, or your own twisted mind.

    One of your best resources here, is the thread with all the suits that have been built by the members on this forum. From movie accurate to full blown
    customs, they are all there.
    Finished Suit Thread

    You can see some of those suits in action in these videos.
    San Diego Comic Con Vids

    For a lot of members the first step in a suit is the "Bio" Helmet. Thats the helmet that the Predator wears over his face. For some the rest of the
    suit developes from this choice.This can be your starting point so, choose wisely.
    Here are some of the best bio examples available. Many are from the movies and many are customs from members here.
    Bio Pics
    Member's Bio Collection

    Some members develope entire backstories and a history for their suits or projects. One of the best on this board is here:
    The Prophecy of Cetanu

    Here are some drawings to help you on your project or to just mess around with.
    TMI's Color Sheets

    You get out of your suit exactly what you put into it. If you go into it lazy and half ass you will not be happy in the end. Not saying you have to
    throw hundred dollar bills at it but, a little effort and inginuity goes along way. With all the suits that have been built here, there is a suit for

    any skill level or budget.
    If you dont want to make anything, heres a list of members who offer various things. You will need to contact the members directly for more info.:
    Who Offers What
    If you are on a budjet and /or want to make the parts yourself...read on.

    Now its time to get your ass to work. This topic alone could fill pages after pages of what to do. And dont think for a second these suits are easy.
    Many members come from other costuming venues and they all say the same thing...the Predator is one of the most detailed, envolved, and difficult
    costumes they have tackled. And thats what you have to do, just tackle it and get after it. Another thing most say in the end...they are glad they did

    To quote a couple fellow members...
    "just immerse yourself in it"...*Xdmray-
    "You DONT need skills to do this, its really up to you how far you want to go, when I got here I started from the homemade suit to a pro suit, I didnt
    know anything about how to attach this or that, and no clue on painting skin and using a airbrush, but I pushed myself
    and learned it all, mostly with the help from the huntorials and asking great people here for help, check em out, and if your determined
    im sure ull find what ur looking for. Dont worry how well or professional suit can look, ITS YOUR SUIT, so dont forget its there to make you happy and

    nobodys should tell you otherwise." *The Big Bad Wolf-

    The suit can be broken down into a few sections:
    A. The Skin: Mask, Skin Suit, Hands, Feet, and Dreads.
    The Skin is your base or your foundation. Depending on your budget here are a couple examples:
    Macguyvers Skin Tutorial
    Elder-ones Skin Tutorial

    B. The Armor: Bio Helmet, Neck Ring, Chest Armor, Med Kit/Backpack, Shoulders, Chest and /or Sternum, Gauntlets (Blades, Computer/Bomb, Net Launcher),

    Belt, Loin Cloth, Cod and Butt covers, Thighs, and Shins/Ankles.
    Armor is another topic of endless possibilities. A few examples:
    Foamy Armor
    Vinmanmac AVP Templates
    Vinmanmac AVP Backpack Tutorial

    C. Weapons: Plasama Caster/Cannon, Gauntlet Blades, Spear, Shuriken, etc.

    D. Accessories/Details: Dread rings, skulls and trophies, beads, etc.

    Another of the most helpful and useful sections is the HUNTORIALS & HELP section. If
    its been done its probobly in this section. Please, as a fellow member and moderator read as much as you can! All the info in this topic I found in
    less than two hours of reading and looking. Answering the same questions over and over and over is the bane of our existence. If we dont bite your
    head off...the other members will.

    Some other links to examples of past projects and builds. These are just some of the threads you can read and learn from. The amount of talent and
    knowledge here at the Lair is unmeasurable.These are just a few to fuel the fire.:

    PredatrHuntr P1 Mask Paint-up
    PredatrHuntr Wolf Mask Paint-up
    Ta2pros P1 Paint-up
    PredatrHuntr Wolf Bio Paint-up
    PredatrHuntr Bio Painting Tutorial
    Hez Bio Painting Tutorial

    Build Notes
    Duct Tape Dummy
    Ceremonial Suit
    ElderPredator's Suit
    Predatrhuntr's Suit
    Ei'luj's Suit

    Budget Builds:
    Mumbaki's Suit
    Diavolobianco's Suit
    Mod a Rubies Mask

    You dont need hundreds of sqaure feet of studio space to this either. A lot of the members do it from their basement or just a corner of a room. If
    you want to do it, you will find a place to do it in.

    Once you have it completed, stopped the bleeding from your fingers, put ice on the hotglue burns, got the resin out of your arm hair, bought new
    pants, cleaned up your mess, calmed down your significant other from all the money and time you have spent NOT on them, regained your sanity..just
    kidding, and got some sleep...step back and take a look at what you have created. Only a few before you have made it to the end and standing there
    before you is a fully wearable bad to the hunting bone...Predator suit!

    Ok, now where the hell do you wear this thing, what do I do when I get there, what can I expect to get into...AHHHH!?!?!
    Check these out...
    Convention List
    Convention Tips
    Convention Repair Kit

    What this forum is for is for fans of the films, comics, games, etc. to come to a place where others share the passion for the badest Hunter in the
    universe. For all to share their talents, passions, projects, and skills with others with the hope that it will benefit a fellow member and fan during
    their stay, weather you build a suit or not. We enjoy all things Predator, from fanfiction, art, suits, props, or whatever it is...bring it to the
    table. This thread isnt going to answer all your questions and it wasnt meant to. If you have a question, please take the time to look for an answer
    before posting. This is a always growing and expanding vault of Predator information. Im willing to bet...if you take the time to look and read and
    read and read some more, you will find the answers.

    Remember this..."There is no such thing as "typical". You can base you character off your personality and add the parts that fit that personality. You
    can purchase or make your own or both like most of us here. Be who you want to be. And don't worry about what people think. This is a tight knit
    community and your support will come from here. We are all from a million walks of life but here we are one family." *Darkwolf-

    I hope this thread is helpful and see ya around the boards!

    Thanks for reading,
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    Hot diggity damn! Now THAT is one heckofa complete breakdown of the Lair and all that it entails. Kudos to you Scott for rounding up all the major links. That should help new and existing members find what they're looking for.
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    Bravo Scott, excellent thread and completely full of useful things. You should defo sticky this!
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    FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC !!!! love it Scott !!!!
    this should be like a pop up for new members after registration, or maybe a sticky in every section of the forum,
    or maybe it could even have its own stand alone section under the general discussion section,where it will always be displayed so when people come on the main page
    it will always been seen, hmmmmm
    non the less, i award you a metal scott :)
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    Cheers fellas! It was done in good intentions and spirit.
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    this is thread is AWESOME!!!!!...i never knew this place was so chock full of goodies... :)

    righteous thread, thanks for taking the time to put it together.

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    I have to totally agree with him :)
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    this is a great thread! hope this stops the noobs and helps them out. its a pretty brilliant thread!
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    Amazing...im glad you made this
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    Such a great post, Scott.
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    Amazing write up man! This is a perfect resource. Hopefully they will read this!
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    Its not if they hopefully read it......We will force them to read this!!!! :)
  14. Awesome,just what any newbie like myself needs.

    Thanks a million,Daren
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    Mumbakis link is to E'luj suit
  16. Bovine13

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    Lol woops.

    Thanks! All links seem to be working correctly.
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    Great idea scott, well done :)
  18. Wow Scott, so much infomation there! excelent job.
    This will help newbies out alot!
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    Dont know why I didnt put it here first.
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    Bravo Scott! Bravo! Love this, I feel so honored to be included in this too *sniff*
    This is THE ultimate resource, I'm just sending all noobs this way from now on!

    Kudos! Accolades! (Other term for praise here)!
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    Many many thanks for making this compilation of information

    A gold mine for the new folks, and a handy reference for all; I've already made use of it

    (*shy grin* and thanks for including my suit build, I am honored )

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    Astounding thread Scott, Bravo! Like many have said, this thread is amazing and a great source for guidance for new comers and current members. I feel honored as well to have a link to a post I started. This goes to show that the community here at the Lair are here to help.

    Again, great job Sir! Great job!
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    wow lol... i'm still in the shock and awe and stalk as much as possible stage lol, im tryin to learn as much as possible as wel without knowin what is there right?? anyway just a question alll noobs like myself would like and sometmes need the answer for and that is what clay lasts longest,shrinks the least,cracks oonly alittle etc, and what worked best for you and what do you reccomend??

    oh and where do you get it from?! and how much lol (quantity etc :) just tryin to learn)??
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    Bump for al the youngbloods joining up.
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    and this is now where i send new ppl nice info

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