A simpler cannon control setup


I had to make a much simpler setup due to lack of time and money for a simpler cannon setup for a convention.

Best price on servo extension cables:

Servo Extension Cable - 50cm / 19.5" long

Pololu - Wires with Pre-Crimped Terminals 20-Piece 10-Color Assortment M-F 36"

20 pack of precrimped male-female 36" wires

Pololu - 0.1" (2.54mm) Crimp Connector Housing: 1x1-Pin 25-Pack

25 pack of pre crimped terminals

Pololu - Screw Terminal Block: 10-Pin, 0.1″ Pitch, Side Entry

10 port screw terminal block

Pololu - Wires with Pre-Crimped Terminals 50-Piece 10-Color Assortment M-F 12"

50 piece 12" pre crimped male-female 12" wires

HS-645MG Servo

analog servo (this is the best heavy duty analog servo on the market that is a standard staple) (parts are easy to get for this thing

1/2" Bore, Face Thru-Hole Pillow Block

through hole pillow block

DDP125 Standard Pan

pan block assembly

Standard Servo Plate A

this mechanically isolates the bracket

SparkFun Servo Trigger - WIG-13118 - SparkFun Electronics

Sparkfun Servo Trigger


Tall servo hub


break away pin male headers


1k ohm resistor


red super bright led


momentary button


If you need to understand servos a bit better this is a good read


alice back pack frame


a template


jungle hunter predator

Wood and screws from your local hardware store

I built my backpack out of wood and guns as well. Between screws and glue I had made a very close facsimile on the guns. I am thinking with a 3-d pen I can add the needed detail.


The setup works pretty good. I would not call it con proof per se. I keep having issues with busted solder joints in the switch box. Tighter zip ties seem to help. I have to dismount the cannons during transport as otherwise I ruin the servos. The mg645 servos are just as cheap by themselves as they are for the replacement gearbox set. My wii nunchuck setup is on the backburner at the moment as I am in the middle of wood cutting season and am getting a littler burnt on all the prop builds I am doing. I am trying to force myself to focus on one prop at a time (current m57a smart gun) to limit the overwhelming feeling on things. The amount of electronics I am stuffing into things is a little on the insane side especially with the smart gunner build I am also working on.

I was hoping to do a wholly adafruit sourced gauntlet count down timer build but that is on the back burner as well.