A Tale of 2 Cannons!



Well, somebody who made some very cool items for me was actually able to get their product to me in decent time. Would that all Makers were as timely. Today I got a very nice surprise in teh mail....Pirks AVP and Pirk-1 cannons. And I gotta say, they look fantastic together. Pirks P1 tho a tad smaller, is easilly holding its own beside the larger AVP cannon. Easilly. They are both Pred sexy!!!! lol

I have to say Pirks P1 is even more impressive inperson, than the pics show. Next week I will be shipping the UBER cannon to Pirk, so he can again weave his magic with the new offering.

A few more cannon acquisitions, and I can start to work on the Wall Casket Display. Not to mention, have the cannon I will be using for my (hopefully completed in the not too distant future) AVP suit.

Thx Pirk!!!!! You rock!!!!!


Mmmmmmm, cannons.....
I'm schedualed to receive my Pirk AVP cannon by this weekend, damn this week is going to slow.