A.V.P. prop ideas for beginners


CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: THE EVIL PUNISHER RLSV for predator cosplaying ideas for beginners. My videos will show you how easy it is to make these projects!

Being a blooded PREDATOR in the PREDATORIUM I want to share with you the fun side of making A.V.P props. My videos include ALIEN and PREDATOR ideas for the simplest cosplayer out THERE!
maxresdefault (1).jpg

Here's a facehugger I made out of a few grocery bags, a paper plate and some DUCT TAPE. CHECK out my video, but lower the volume on it the song is pretty loud! :)
Other GREAT A.V.P ideas!! is when you turn into a BLOODED HUNTER. You can mark yourself with the "rite of passage symbol"

on your bio MASK or on your forehead! Like I did in these pictures.
Some AWESOME ideas for newbie blooded HUNTERS is creating xeno trophies and adding them to your armor like this!

These are just sketches of my idea, but I'm actually going to make a YouTube video of these ideas for COSPLAY! Be sure you guys check it out :)
Hello NEW BLOOD's and fellow HUNTERS, so I just finished the INFAMOUS facehugger gauntlet and it looks AWESOME!!

I wanted to share this A.V.P idea with you guys because it was SUPER easy to make and it looks pretty cool for any BLOODED trophy!

I'm gonna post a video of this build on my YouTube channel so check it out if your interested :) THE EVIL PUNISHER RLSV
Looking into other PREDATOR armor involving alien parts as trophy kills, I looked into toys, games and comics for AWESOME avp IDEAS!!
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So many different approaches to getting A.V.P ideas is enough to get you started on your easy BUILD as a NEW BLOOD!
Make sure you NEW bloods check out my YouTube channel for weekly PREDATOR tutorials in costume making! Here's my xeno chest armor build all done.


More Alien versus predator ideas for beginners coming up!! :)