A Whole Slew Of Bio Design Await Your Eyes.


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I am wanting to do a bio, and have many an idea for the look, so I just put a profile illustration together and this is one I came up with. I did a little messing with the Photoshop, so the colors aren't permanent.

Hope you like it, critique is welcomed.




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Would be nice to see a front pic Don't really get the design from this angle :D
I am actually going to start working on that, so I will keep you all posted.

...now that you mention it Preds... it does look a little 'Transformers-y-ish'. :D


I like the robotic aspect to it, as Preds said it feels a bit "transformer".

It's different, in a cool way. Looking forward on seeing the final product :D


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Cool concepts...they would look sweet sculpted.
Yeah Munson, I have been doing some "investigating" into the sculpting process, and my wife knows the process of it, so hopefully within the next year I will have some new Bio's to show you guys. Then from there I plan on making a whole suit (that is where the fun will definitely become aggrivation I suppose). :)


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I accidentally rated this a 2 star topic... can anyone take this away. I want people to enjoy my work... not that they have to, but it's better for feedback and critique.


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If the Chin part stick out more it would look more Predator-ish. Still a nice design
I agree. The "chin" part does some re-working.

Get this man... I ordered me some Make up fx, and monster sculpting dvd's, so hopefully I and all the other brothers and sisters on our beloved forum will get to see some of my work within the next year or so (wish it could be sooner, but I understand this stuff takes time and money, plus I have a knack to be a little bit of a perfectionist in ways). So... I will be doing some different designs and such to make my creation a thing of beauty like a lot of other members here.

I plan on using the huntorials, and other tut's to the fullest extent. :D


To me it looks more insect than transformer,
Like an army ant or a beetle/ scarab.
But either way looks effinn freaking cool!