After AvP-R Script ?


Hi guys, So i got to work today and my friend Issac tells me that he had a dream about predator. This takes place after AVPR what do you guys think?

" Right after they take the plasma caster to Yutani's wife, they took it to a lab for study. After years of studying the technology and watch footage of the hunting behavior and weaponry of the Yautjas, the humans developed some white armor/suits with a cloked system ( they took samples from a dead predator that manage to kill and copied his net ) and also strong enough to resist an attack from a predator.
They made the suit to learn about the predator's social networking, they knew they were hidding in a jungle in Brazil, so they put a team together with Ripley (Sigouney Weaver) as head of the team. ( Yeah she still alive, remember Alien Resurrection, after her ship crashed, yeah, she survived). So they went to the jungle and had already a bunker made to Ripley's specifications. So the team after a good night sleep went into the jungle an after 2 days of walking they found the predators. So the humans of course cloked watch them overnight and took data from them.
Right when they were on their way back to the lab the found a girl, a predator gitl, she got outkast from the tribe. Ripley had study and learn some yautja language and translate for the rest of the team. The girl said that the older ones had kicked her out for a reason, Ripley couldn't translate the "reason" it was a word that she hasn't learn yet.
So we took her into the lab. But the little girl need it a name Ripley named her Rainha, it means "Queen" in portuguese.
After they cured her wounds that she got for living by herself in the jungle, Rainha explain the rest of the team that the male Yautjas were very "Macho" and treat the woman like their servants, the women were badasses too but they submited to the males. ( Well that's what everybody thought )
But Soon after we make contact with Rainha the other Yautjas found out that there was another form of life around them, stalking them, def not from the fauna. They figured that if we took her in they can use her as bait to lead them to our base, the place we were hidding.
They came right behind us keeping distance on the trees.
The Predators found a way inside, and all hell broke loose, they start killing people left and right, until they found the girl and tied her to the ceiling while the massacre continued....

And then he woke up.......

Anybody can continue this ?? lol


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ahhahahaah only need to watch AVATAR once and its sticks in your head like glue ahhaha
Not really, it's more of a superficial film, I can't fathom why fans would want to commit suicide because they want to be in Pandora...

Now, Lost I can understand, since the whole thing about the island made me want to live there too, but Avatar? Nah.