After the Ironman credits.....

I haven't been a lucky one to see it yet, but I nabbed this form another board:


ok i just got some info from some people i know that if you go see iron man , stay after the credits, there is an awsome scene

spoiler below....


that scene is between tony stark and nick fury and they talk about the formation of the avengers......spoiler......
I'm pumped for this!!!! :)


Indeed, thanx for the heads up! Just returned from seeing it,
would have never thought to pick who they picked to play
the role of Nick Fury! Dark Huntress should really dig it!
Not gonna say, at least keep the cameo a surprise! :)

Mr Fett

Elite Hunter
I haven't seen the movie yet, but I remember the made for TV movie a few years ago where Nick Fury was played by David Hasselhoff. Oh yeah.
the movie from the 90s with David as Fury..... It was interesting.... I had no idea who Nick Fury was at the time, so I didn't pay much attention to it.... I'd love to track it down sometiem on VHS or DVD and check it out....


It sucks man, it really does. It was cool to know that there was a movie about Nick Fury, but it had the 'Hoff' lol


Nope, No War Machine! But..........

There is a scene where Rhodie turns to the silver suit and says "next time"!

Kind of a teaser for the next one!


THAT WOULD BE AWESOME if the next movie was like The New Avengers. I love that comic book series, i have everyone made to this date! my favorite!

who plays Fury?


The New Avengers would make a great movie IMO, but they would be missing the big hammer, Thor. Although the Thor script is being produced or what have ya over at Marvel. I remember reading the article and the producer or writer said they wanted Thor to be presented like a legend instead of a god in tights.